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John F Kennedy Little  Caesar
The Ranking: 51 - 100
Abraham Lincoln51st
Abraham LincolnPoints: 1092 Last Day: -30

16th U.S. President

Personal Demons: Many

Fateful show: Our American Cousin

Uncle  Sam52nd
Uncle SamPoints: 1092 Last Day: +55

Personification of the U.S.A

Wants YOU to join the U.S. Army

Is actually Canadian

Lawrence of Arabia53rd
Lawrence of ArabiaPoints: 1091 Last Day: +63

Lieutenant-Colonel T.E. Lawrence

Autobiography: Seven Pillars of Wisdom

Nationality: Scottish

Bill Murray54th
Bill MurrayPoints: 1091 Last Day: -21

American Actor

Seminal Work: Osmosis Jones

Ghostbusters 3: In the works?

Alexander Hamilton55th
Alexander HamiltonPoints: 1090 Last Day: +3

First U.S. Secretary of the Treasury

Advocated: Assumption of State debts

Outdueled by: Aaron Burr

Vitruvian  Man56th
Vitruvian ManPoints: 1090 Last Day: -9

World renowned drawing by Leonardo da Vinci

Study of the proportions of the (male) human bod

On display at Gallerie dell Accademia in Venice

John James Audubon57th
John James AudubonPoints: 1089 Last Day: +39

American Naturalist, Painter

Catalogued and painted the birds of North America

Rejected in America, made his big break in England

Mark  Twain58th
Mark TwainPoints: 1088 Last Day: -54

American Author

Real name: Samuel Clemens

Hobby: Writing banned books

John Quincy Adams59th
John Quincy AdamsPoints: 1087 Last Day: +7

6th U.S. President

Formulated the Monroe Doctrine

Molded Henry Clay into his Secretary of State

CaravaggioPoints: 1086 Last Day: +53

Italian Artist circa 1600

Style: Baroque

Masterpiece: The Cardsharps

Ben Franklin61st
Ben FranklinPoints: 1085 Last Day: -24

Raconteur, Statesman, Horndog

Diplomat to: France

Kite discovery: Electricity

Frank Lloyd Wright62nd
Frank Lloyd WrightPoints: 1085 Last Day: -76

Famed American Architecht

Notable work: Fallingwater

College: University of Wisconsin

Richard P Feynman63rd
Richard P FeynmanPoints: 1080 Last Day: -20

Curious Character

Nobel Prizes: 1

Location: Uncertain

Mr  Potato Head64th
Mr Potato HeadPoints: 1080 Last Day: +230

Uber Tuber

Shaves faster than any man

Gets a little spud for Mrs. Potato Head

Thomas  Aquinas65th
Thomas AquinasPoints: 1079 Last Day: -8

The Good Doctor

Life Work: Summa Theologica... all in Latin!

Name back at the monastery: The Dumb Ox

F Scott Fitzgerald66th
F Scott FitzgeraldPoints: 1079 Last Day: +19


Noted alcholic

Seminal work: The Great Gatsby

Julius Caesar67th
Julius CaesarPoints: 1077 Last Day: +78

Ambitious Roman

Back-Stabbing Friends: 1

Rome, circa 75 BC

Ichabod Crane68th
Ichabod CranePoints: 1076 Last Day: +64

Fictional Schoolmaster

Horse name: Gunpowder

Frightened by: Headless Horseman

Harry Truman69th
Harry TrumanPoints: 1075 Last Day: +0

33rd U.S. President

"The buck stops here"

Nuclear attacks authorized: 2

Leonardo da Vinci70th
Leonardo da VinciPoints: 1075 Last Day: -43

Renaissance Man

Notable work: Mona Lisa

Cleverly crafted: Shroud of Turin

Jesus Christ71st
Jesus ChristPoints: 1074 Last Day: +6

Our Lord and Savior

Miracles: 12,875 and counting


Teddy Roosevelt72nd
Teddy RooseveltPoints: 1074 Last Day: +3

26th U.S. President

Cavalry regiment: Rough Riders

Trusts busted: Countless

Andy Van Slyke73rd
Andy Van SlykePoints: 1073 Last Day: +117

Pittsburgh Pirates Legend

Gold Gloves: 5

Bat Type: Alka Seltzer

Cabeza de Vaca74th
Cabeza de VacaPoints: 1073 Last Day: +54

Spanish New World Explorer

Swath scoured: Southwest

Literal translation: Cow's head

Stephen Hawking75th
Stephen HawkingPoints: 1072 Last Day: -15


Gave a Brief History of Time

Postulated the idea of Hawking Radiation

Sir Ernest Shackleton76th
Sir Ernest ShackletonPoints: 1072 Last Day: -66

Antarctic Expeditioner

Vessel: Endurance

Poles encountered: 1

Archie Goodwin77th
Archie GoodwinPoints: 1071 Last Day: +15

Detective, Nero Wolfe's Right Hand Man

Job: Note Taker, Heart Breaker

Oddity: Prefers Milk to Bourbon

Pac  Man78th
Pac ManPoints: 1068 Last Day: +126

Arcade Game Character

Dislikes: Apparitions

Clearly malnourished

Martin  Luther79th
Martin LutherPoints: 1066 Last Day: -79

Monk, Trendsetter

Theses: 95

Good: God

Don Quixote80th
Don QuixotePoints: 1066 Last Day: +44

Man of La Mancha

Sidekick: Sancho Panza

Nemesis: Windmills

Vasco da Gama81st
Vasco da GamaPoints: 1065 Last Day: +19

Portuguese Navigator

Route chartered: Europe to India

Craft: Sao Gabriel

Peter  Pan82nd
Peter PanPoints: 1065 Last Day: -39

Obstinate Man Child

Refused to grow up

Currently CEO Peter Pan Bus Lines, Inc.

Soup  Nazi83rd
Soup NaziPoints: 1064 Last Day: -12

Austere Soup Service Man

Favored dish: Mulligatawny Soup

No mancrush for you! Come back, one year!

Thomas Jefferson84th
Thomas JeffersonPoints: 1063 Last Day: -51

3rd U.S President

Dreams: Agrarian State

Best purchase: Louisiana

OsirisPoints: 1063 Last Day: -51

Lord of the Dead and Rebirth

Wrap: Mummy

Accessories: Crook and Flail

OvidPoints: 1062 Last Day: -86

Roman Poet

Full name: Publius Ovidius Naso

Dactylic hexameric work: Metamorphoses

HangmanPoints: 1060 Last Day: +98

Condemned Game Character

Pleads for: E or U

Prognosis: F_CK_D

Niccolo  Machiavelli88th
Niccolo MachiavelliPoints: 1060 Last Day: +88

Philosopher and Poet

Author of "The Prince"

The end justifies the means?

Martin  Van Buren89th
Martin Van BurenPoints: 1059 Last Day: +47

8th U.S. President

Nickname: Old Kinderhook

Only President with English as his second language

Salvador Dali90th
Salvador DaliPoints: 1058 Last Day: +27


Best known work: The Persistence of Memory

Birthplace: Figueres, Spain

BlackbeardPoints: 1056 Last Day: +118

18th century English Pirate

Vessel: Queen Anne's Revenge

Booty accumulated: Much

Charles Lindbergh, Jr92nd
Charles Lindbergh, JrPoints: 1055 Last Day: -5

Transatlantic Aviator

Nickname: Lucky Lindy

Dark Secret: Nazi sympathies

Charles Darwin93rd
Charles DarwinPoints: 1053 Last Day: +48

It's Evolution, Baby

Seminal Work: On the Origin of Species

Vessel: HMS Beagle

Alan  Alda94th
Alan AldaPoints: 1049 Last Day: -36

American Actor

Best known for playing Hawkeye Pierce on M*A*S*H

Author of Never Have Your Dog Stuffed

TarzanPoints: 1049 Last Day: +8

King of the Jungle

Raised by: Apes

Charisma: Superb

Lucky  Jim96th
Lucky JimPoints: 1048 Last Day: -81

Everyman Hero

Skill: Funny Faces

Battles: Merrie England, Drink

Bob Uecker97th
Bob UeckerPoints: 1048 Last Day: +97

Mr. Baseball

Position: Catcher

Location: Jusssssst a bit outside

Old  Ironsides98th
Old IronsidesPoints: 1047 Last Day: +6

The USS Constitution

Oldest commissioned ship still in service

Born: Boston, MA - 22 July 1798

Stonewall Jackson99th
Stonewall JacksonPoints: 1047 Last Day: -82

Confederate General

Best bud: Robert E. Lee

Killed by: Friendly fire

PythagorasPoints: 1047 Last Day: +175

The Father of Numbers

Ionian Mathematician and Philosopher

Best known theorem: Pythagorean