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Kublai  Khan Grocer Cat
The Ranking: 51 - 100
Geoffrey  Chaucer51st
Geoffrey ChaucerPoints: 1090 Last Day: +91

The Father of English Literature

Traveled with people of dubious moral character

Hobby: Giving baths to wives

Marlon Brando52nd
Marlon BrandoPoints: 1089 Last Day: +106

20th century's Finest Actor

Popularized: Stanislavski System

Seminal work: The Godfather

Jesus Christ53rd
Jesus ChristPoints: 1088 Last Day: -2

Our Lord and Savior

Miracles: 12,875 and counting


Ickle Me54th
Ickle MePoints: 1088 Last Day: -40

The Captain

Conveyance: Flying Shoe

In-flight Meal: Mulligan Stew

GodPoints: 1086 Last Day: +11

The Man Upstairs

Chairman of the Pearly Gates Condo Board

Smite 'em if you got 'em

Ulysses S. Grant56th
Ulysses S. GrantPoints: 1086 Last Day: +15

18th U.S. President

General-in-Chief Union Army

Esteemed and Conquered Foe: Robert E. Lee

Alexander Hamilton57th
Alexander HamiltonPoints: 1084 Last Day: +19

First U.S. Secretary of the Treasury

Advocated: Assumption of State debts

Outdueled by: Aaron Burr

Manuel Noriega58th
Manuel NoriegaPoints: 1084 Last Day: +112

Former Panamanian General

Propped up by: CIA

Imprisoned in: Miami, FL

Don Quixote59th
Don QuixotePoints: 1084 Last Day: +24

Man of La Mancha

Sidekick: Sancho Panza

Nemesis: Windmills

Grocer Cat60th
Grocer CatPoints: 1083 Last Day: -23

Feline Shopkeeper

Home: Busytown

Progeny: Huckle Cat

Captain John Smith61st
Captain John SmithPoints: 1083 Last Day: -11

Founder of Jamestown

Native Seduced: Pocahontas

Portrayed by: Colin Farrel

Robin  Hood62nd
Robin HoodPoints: 1082 Last Day: +30

Man in Tights

Residence: Sherwood Forest

Posse: The Merry Men

Nelson Mandela63rd
Nelson MandelaPoints: 1082 Last Day: +25

First elected leader of South Africa

Pre-Presidency prison term: 27 years

Also known as: Madiba

The Owl64th
The OwlPoints: 1082 Last Day: -46

Elegant Fowl

Last Seen: Land of the Bong-Tree

Favorite Utensil: Runcible Spoon

The Elephant Man65th
The Elephant ManPoints: 1080 Last Day: -1

Victorian Pop Celebrity

Born Joseph Carey Merrick

Proves looks aren't everything

Leonardo da Vinci66th
Leonardo da VinciPoints: 1080 Last Day: +25

Renaissance Man

Notable work: Mona Lisa

Cleverly crafted: Shroud of Turin

Santa Claus67th
Santa ClausPoints: 1078 Last Day: +79

Ol' St. Nick

List check frequency: 2x

Dark secrets: Child labor, voyeurism

Charles Lindbergh, Jr68th
Charles Lindbergh, JrPoints: 1078 Last Day: +14

Transatlantic Aviator

Nickname: Lucky Lindy

Dark Secret: Nazi sympathies

Harry Truman69th
Harry TrumanPoints: 1078 Last Day: +39

33rd U.S. President

"The buck stops here"

Nuclear attacks authorized: 2

H.L.  Mencken70th
H.L. MenckenPoints: 1077 Last Day: +29

Journalist, Author, Cynic

"The Sage of Baltimore"

Worthy man of ideas and inspirations

James Cook71st
James CookPoints: 1076 Last Day: +35

Fearless British Explorer

Key discovery: Australia

Killed during: Hawaiian melee

Vincent  van Gogh72nd
Vincent van GoghPoints: 1075 Last Day: -4

Dutch Post-Impressionist Artist

Only painted for 11 years

Most famous work: Starry Night

Spiro  Agnew73rd
Spiro AgnewPoints: 1068 Last Day: +26

39th Vice President of the United States

Sneakiest Four Syllables in Washington

High crime and(or) misdemeanor: Tax evasion

Yukon  Cornelius74th
Yukon CorneliusPoints: 1068 Last Day: +45

Prospector with Pick Axe Prowess

Seeks: Silver

Also Seeks: Gold

Leif Erikson75th
Leif EriksonPoints: 1068 Last Day: +142

Icelandic Explorer

Discovery: North America

Leif Erikson Day: October 9th

Isaac Newton76th
Isaac NewtonPoints: 1068 Last Day: +11

Brilliant Brit

Laws of motion: 3

Locks: Flowing

George Washington77th
George WashingtonPoints: 1068 Last Day: -10

1st President of the United States

War inadvertantly started: French & Indian

War inadvertantly won: American Revolution

Franklin Delano Roosevelt78th
Franklin Delano RooseveltPoints: 1066 Last Day: -43

32nd U.S. President

Terms: Four

The New Deal was neither new nor a deal. Discuss.

Bill Clinton79th
Bill ClintonPoints: 1065 Last Day: +91

42nd U.S. President

Lewd Acts: 17

New York, NY

BigfootPoints: 1064 Last Day: +76

Mythical Ape-Man

Also known as: Sasquatch

Cousin: Yetti

Gerald  Ford81st
Gerald FordPoints: 1064 Last Day: +2

38th U.S. President

Reputation for integrity and openness

Cleaned up after Nixon

Stephen Hawking82nd
Stephen HawkingPoints: 1064 Last Day: +0


Gave a Brief History of Time

Postulated the idea of Hawking Radiation

Marco Polo83rd
Marco PoloPoints: 1064 Last Day: +70

Venetian Explorer

Inventor of modern swimming pool game

Embellished tales: Nearly all

Archie Goodwin84th
Archie GoodwinPoints: 1063 Last Day: -24

Detective, Nero Wolfe's Right Hand Man

Job: Note Taker, Heart Breaker

Oddity: Prefers Milk to Bourbon

Classic Lego Spaceman85th
Classic Lego SpacemanPoints: 1063 Last Day: -42

Lunar Scout Pilot

Father: Ole Kirk Christiansen

Smile: Eternal

Johnny Depp86th
Johnny DeppPoints: 1062 Last Day: +32

Mysterious, brooding actor of 21 Jump Street fame

Acadamy Award nominee for portayal of Jack Sparrow

Stirs up carnal feelings in women and men alike

Andrew  Jackson87th
Andrew JacksonPoints: 1062 Last Day: -122

7th U.S. President

Old Hickory

Bill depiction: $20

John F Kennedy88th
John F KennedyPoints: 1062 Last Day: -17

35th U.S. President

Statesman and Playboy

Fiasco: Bay of Pigs

MangoPoints: 1062 Last Day: +103

Such is Mango!

Oh, to be Mango! What to be me?!

You can't a-have-a de Mango!

Saint  Patrick90th
Saint PatrickPoints: 1059 Last Day: -26

Christian Missionary

Patron Saint of Ireland and Nigeria

Drafter of Ireland's Zero Tolerance Snake Law

Ferdinand Magellan91st
Ferdinand MagellanPoints: 1058 Last Day: -7


Voyages: 5

Felled by: Filipino Natives

Ben Franklin92nd
Ben FranklinPoints: 1057 Last Day: +11

Raconteur, Statesman, Horndog

Diplomat to: France

Kite discovery: Electricity

Gotlieb  Mannstein93rd
Gotlieb MannsteinPoints: 1057 Last Day: +105

Austrian Archaeologist

Discoverer of the Man Scrolls

Really digs this website

Uncle  Sam94th
Uncle SamPoints: 1057 Last Day: +5

Personification of the U.S.A

Wants YOU to join the U.S. Army

Is actually Canadian

Enrico Fermi95th
Enrico FermiPoints: 1056 Last Day: -15

Italian Physicist

Father of the Atom Bomb

Nobel Prizes: 1

Old  Ironsides96th
Old IronsidesPoints: 1056 Last Day: +18

The USS Constitution

Oldest commissioned ship still in service

Born: Boston, MA - 22 July 1798

Mr. Toad97th
Mr. ToadPoints: 1055 Last Day: -12

Anthropomorphic Common Toad

Eponymous Adventure: Mr. Toad's Wild Ride

Residence: Toad Hall

John Ritter98th
John RitterPoints: 1052 Last Day: +55

Three's Company

Middle name: Southworth

Last film: Bad Santa

Charles Darwin99th
Charles DarwinPoints: 1051 Last Day: -35

It's Evolution, Baby

Seminal Work: On the Origin of Species

Vessel: HMS Beagle

Soup  Nazi100th
Soup NaziPoints: 1051 Last Day: +25

Austere Soup Service Man

Favored dish: Mulligatawny Soup

No mancrush for you! Come back, one year!