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Thomas  Aquinas   Socrates
The Ranking: 51 - 100
James Cook51st
James CookPoints: 1086 Last Day: -6

Fearless British Explorer

Key discovery: Australia

Killed during: Hawaiian melee

The Fool52nd
The FoolPoints: 1085 Last Day: +50

Occultist Everyman

Arcana: Major

Known For: Folly, Extravagance, Intoxication

Andrew  Jackson53rd
Andrew JacksonPoints: 1084 Last Day: -36

7th U.S. President

Old Hickory

Bill depiction: $20

Lawrence of Arabia54th
Lawrence of ArabiaPoints: 1083 Last Day: +100

Lieutenant-Colonel T.E. Lawrence

Autobiography: Seven Pillars of Wisdom

Nationality: Scottish

CaravaggioPoints: 1083 Last Day: +5

Italian Artist circa 1600

Style: Baroque

Masterpiece: The Cardsharps

CopernicusPoints: 1082 Last Day: +81


Theory: Heliocentricity

Drank from: The vessel that stank

Ernest Hemingway57th
Ernest HemingwayPoints: 1082 Last Day: -3

American Literary Icon

Nickname: Papa

Accusations: Misogyny, Anti-Semitism

The  Old Man of the Mountain58th
The Old Man of the MountainPoints: 1082 Last Day: +50

Naturally-Chiseled Granite Visage

Location: The Granite State

R.I.P. May 3, 2003

Michel de Montaigne59th
Michel de MontaignePoints: 1080 Last Day: -22

16th Century Essayist

Motto: What do I know?

What he Knows: Philosophy, Statecraft

Alan  Alda60th
Alan AldaPoints: 1079 Last Day: +86

American Actor

Best known for playing Hawkeye Pierce on M*A*S*H

Author of Never Have Your Dog Stuffed

Ambrose Everett Burnside61st
Ambrose Everett BurnsidePoints: 1079 Last Day: +71

Created sideburns, elevated facial hair to an Art.

Twice refused command of the Army of the Potomac.

Kicked ass for the greater glory of the Union.

James Madison62nd
James MadisonPoints: 1079 Last Day: +96

4th U.S. President

Father of the Constitution

Blunder: War of 1812

BacchusPoints: 1078 Last Day: +50

God of Wine

Represented the benefits of intoxication

Greek name: Dionysus

Robin  Hood64th
Robin HoodPoints: 1078 Last Day: +29

Man in Tights

Residence: Sherwood Forest

Posse: The Merry Men

OrionPoints: 1077 Last Day: +59

The Hunter

Belt names: Saucepan, Magi, Three Kings

Still hunting Taurus after 1.5 million years

Mark  Twain66th
Mark TwainPoints: 1077 Last Day: +13

American Author

Real name: Samuel Clemens

Hobby: Writing banned books

BabarPoints: 1076 Last Day: -1

King of the Elephants

Home: Celesteville

Suit: Kelly Green

Gerard  Depardieu68th
Gerard DepardieuPoints: 1076 Last Day: +69

Award Winning French Actor

Favorite actor of Fidel Castro

Memorable Films: Man in the Iron Mask

Nelson Mandela69th
Nelson MandelaPoints: 1076 Last Day: +142

First elected leader of South Africa

Pre-Presidency prison term: 27 years

Also known as: Madiba

Robert  Goulet70th
Robert GouletPoints: 1075 Last Day: -23

Professionally Trained Voice Man

Doesn't care if he's Mr. Notorious Big.

Location: Somewhere in the mountains

Uncle  Sam71st
Uncle SamPoints: 1075 Last Day: -45

Personification of the U.S.A

Wants YOU to join the U.S. Army

Is actually Canadian

Earl of Sandwich72nd
Earl of SandwichPoints: 1075 Last Day: +30

Prominant Statesman, Admiral, and Snacker

Nickname: Homeslice

Cutlery used: None

George Washington73rd
George WashingtonPoints: 1075 Last Day: -43

1st President of the United States

War inadvertantly started: French & Indian

War inadvertantly won: American Revolution

Bill Clinton74th
Bill ClintonPoints: 1071 Last Day: +41

42nd U.S. President

Lewd Acts: 17

New York, NY

David  Livingstone75th
David LivingstonePoints: 1071 Last Day: -61

Scottish Missionary and Explorer

First European to Victoria Falls

Dr. Livingstone, I presume?

Gerald  Ford76th
Gerald FordPoints: 1068 Last Day: -41

38th U.S. President

Reputation for integrity and openness

Cleaned up after Nixon

Charles Darwin77th
Charles DarwinPoints: 1066 Last Day: +19

It's Evolution, Baby

Seminal Work: On the Origin of Species

Vessel: HMS Beagle

ETPoints: 1066 Last Day: +8

The Extra-Terrestrial

Touch: Sensuous

Phone bill: Exorbitant

Vasco da Gama79th
Vasco da GamaPoints: 1066 Last Day: +23

Portuguese Navigator

Route chartered: Europe to India

Craft: Sao Gabriel

PlatoPoints: 1066 Last Day: -25

Ancient Greek Philosopher, Mathematician

Among Philosophical founders of Western Culture

Student of Socrates

  Francis of Assisi81st
Francis of AssisiPoints: 1064 Last Day: -43

Rebuilt the Church...without going to Home Depot

Stigmata. 'Nuf said.

Keeping it simple since 1209

Don Quixote82nd
Don QuixotePoints: 1063 Last Day: +71

Man of La Mancha

Sidekick: Sancho Panza

Nemesis: Windmills

Colossus of Rhodes83rd
Colossus of RhodesPoints: 1061 Last Day: -65

Statuesque Wonder of the Ancient World

280 BC - 226 BC

Height: 70 Cubits

William Butler Yeats84th
William Butler YeatsPoints: 1060 Last Day: -4

Twentieth Century Poet

Penchant for the occult. Lovely tower property.

"But one man loved the pilgrim soul in you."

Grocer Cat85th
Grocer CatPoints: 1057 Last Day: -68

Feline Shopkeeper

Home: Busytown

Progeny: Huckle Cat

Antoine  Lavoisier86th
Antoine LavoisierPoints: 1057 Last Day: +49

Father of Modern Chemistry

Discoveries: Many

Death: Guillotined during French Revolution

Lawrence  Welk87th
Lawrence WelkPoints: 1057 Last Day: +112

Champaign Music Television Host

Show highlight: Bubble machine

Instrument of choice: Accordion

Soup  Nazi88th
Soup NaziPoints: 1056 Last Day: +7

Austere Soup Service Man

Favored dish: Mulligatawny Soup

No mancrush for you! Come back, one year!

Saint  Augustine89th
Saint AugustinePoints: 1054 Last Day: -63

Bishop of Hippo, Philosopher, Prolific Writer

Had a taste for pears and women

Named after a city in Florida, or vice versa

Franklin Delano Roosevelt90th
Franklin Delano RooseveltPoints: 1054 Last Day: +49

32nd U.S. President

Terms: Four

The New Deal was neither new nor a deal. Discuss.

Father  Time91st
Father TimePoints: 1053 Last Day: +71

The Personification of Time

Profound similarities to Grim Reaper

Last seen: Late night with Mother Nature

Salvador Dali92nd
Salvador DaliPoints: 1052 Last Day: -69


Best known work: The Persistence of Memory

Birthplace: Figueres, Spain

MothmanPoints: 1052 Last Day: +76

West Virginian Cryptid

Friends: None

Idea of a good time: Creeping people out, yahtzee

Enrico Fermi94th
Enrico FermiPoints: 1051 Last Day: -15

Italian Physicist

Father of the Atom Bomb

Nobel Prizes: 1

Classic Lego Spaceman95th
Classic Lego SpacemanPoints: 1051 Last Day: -53

Lunar Scout Pilot

Father: Ole Kirk Christiansen

Smile: Eternal

ArchimedesPoints: 1050 Last Day: -14

Greek Mathematician


Notable invention: Archimedes' Screw

AugustusPoints: 1050 Last Day: +100

First emperor of the Roman Empire

Ruled from 27 BC to 14 AD

Namesake for the month of August

Bill Murray98th
Bill MurrayPoints: 1049 Last Day: -82

American Actor

Seminal Work: Osmosis Jones

Ghostbusters 3: In the works?

John  Tyler99th
John TylerPoints: 1048 Last Day: +70

10th U.S. President

Nickname: His Accidency

Notable accomplishment: Annexation of Texas

Vincent  van Gogh100th
Vincent van GoghPoints: 1048 Last Day: -17

Dutch Post-Impressionist Artist

Only painted for 11 years

Most famous work: Starry Night