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Java  Man Alexander the Great
The Ranking: 301 - 324
JeteriusPoints: 881 Last Day: +15

Ancient Greek Javelin Champion

Record distance: 19.5 akainas

Subject of Manicles' Man Scrolls

  King of Diamonds302nd
King of DiamondsPoints: 881 Last Day: -86

The Man with the Axe

Inspiration: Caesar Augustus

Favorite Poker Hand: Follow the Queens

DumbwaiterPoints: 879 Last Day: -52

Inanimate apparatus of ease

Fleet-footed food ferryer

Possibly bipolar

Charley  Horse304th
Charley HorsePoints: 878 Last Day: -31

Muscle-Cramping Equus ferus

Will strike your calf without remorse

First victim: Earth-bearing Atlas

PrincePoints: 874 Last Day: -65

The Artist Formerly Known as Prince

Color: Purple

Game, blouses.

Rudolf  Crushman III306th
Rudolf Crushman IIIPoints: 873 Last Day: -30

Mancrush Historian

Professor of Manthropology

Top three: Bob Dole, Cicero, Muhammad Ali

JawsPoints: 871 Last Day: -32

Fictional Great White Shark

Haunt: Amity Island

Achilles Heel: CO2 tanks, Paul Newman

DorfPoints: 868 Last Day: -16

Diminutive Scandinavian

Expert on: Golf, Auto Racing, Fishing, Baseball

Height: Roughly 4 ft.

The Pink  Panther309th
The Pink PantherPoints: 868 Last Day: -31

Alliterative Insulation Salesman

Foil: Inspector Clouseau

Do, do do, do do do do do do do do do dooooooooooo

Vlad The Impaler310th
Vlad The ImpalerPoints: 867 Last Day: -20

Prince of Wallachia

Master of the cruel and unusual

The Original Dracula

Pope  Leo X311st
Pope Leo XPoints: 867 Last Day: -68

Reformation-Era Pope

Rode the Papal Bull against Martin Luther

A man of many schisms

Benedict  Arnold312nd
Benedict ArnoldPoints: 864 Last Day: -40

Born British, fought American, surrendered French

Statues of His Right Leg in Saratoga: 1

Overrated Egg Dishes Not Named After: 1

Robert  Mugabe313rd
Robert MugabePoints: 860 Last Day: +1

President of Zimbabwe

Beacon of incompetency

When things get funny, print more money

Shaka Zulu314th
Shaka ZuluPoints: 860 Last Day: -34

Zulu Nation Leader

Major battle: Gqokli Hill

Preferred tactic: "Buffalo Horns"

Matt Nokes315th
Matt NokesPoints: 852 Last Day: -52

Early '90s Yankees Catcher

Career span: 10 seasons

Middle name: Dodge

Burgermeister  Meisterburger316th
Burgermeister MeisterburgerPoints: 843 Last Day: -41

Burgermeister of Sombertown

Dislikes toys and fun.

Kris Kringle nemesis

Lewis  Mumford317th
Lewis MumfordPoints: 843 Last Day: -66

American Historian

Author of "The City in History"

Hometown: Flushing, NY

Jersey Devil318th
Jersey DevilPoints: 841 Last Day: +20

Turnpike Cryptid



CaligulaPoints: 840 Last Day: -61

3rd Roman Emperor

Nickname translation: Little Boots

Once appointed his horse to the Senate

Salman Rushdie320th
Salman RushdiePoints: 838 Last Day: -137

Controversial Essayist

Work in question: The Satanic Verses

Alias: Sal Bass

Frederick  Douglass321st
Frederick DouglassPoints: 828 Last Day: -68

The Sage of Anacostia

Abolitionist, author, orator, statesman

Inspiring tale of perseverance

  Bat Boy322nd
Bat BoyPoints: 824 Last Day: -20

Weekly World News Star

Has his own hit musical

Surprisingly can't get a job for a baseball team

  Cyrus the Great323rd
Cyrus the GreatPoints: 824 Last Day: +47

King and Founder of the Persian Empire

Created the world's first human rights charter

Beard length: Moderate

MothmanPoints: 797 Last Day: -95

West Virginian Cryptid

Friends: None

Idea of a good time: Creeping people out, yahtzee