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Black  Spy Kublai  Khan
The Ranking: 301 - 324
Mr Belvedere301st
Mr BelvederePoints: 885 Last Day: -50

'Cause he's my butler

Locale: Beaver Falls, PA

First name: Lynn

Erwin Rommel302nd
Erwin RommelPoints: 885 Last Day: -2

WWII German Field Marshal

Also known as: The Desert Fox

Crucial battle lost: Normandy

Rudolf  Crushman III303rd
Rudolf Crushman IIIPoints: 884 Last Day: +40

Mancrush Historian

Professor of Manthropology

Top three: Bob Dole, Cicero, Muhammad Ali

  Le Corbusier304th
Le CorbusierPoints: 884 Last Day: -17

Modernist Architect

Writer, atheist, name changer

Notable work: Notre-Dame-du-Haut

DeathPoints: 881 Last Day: -53

Not-so-serious Minister of the Afterlife

Enjoys: Golf, Edward James Olmos

Maintain. Come on, Death. You can do this.

Mr.  Ed306th
Mr. EdPoints: 881 Last Day: -115

A Horse is a Horse

Of course, of course

He's a friggin talking horse!

Shaka Zulu307th
Shaka ZuluPoints: 880 Last Day: -19

Zulu Nation Leader

Major battle: Gqokli Hill

Preferred tactic: "Buffalo Horns"

Friedrich Nietzsche308th
Friedrich NietzschePoints: 878 Last Day: -94

God is dead.

Stat: Generic

Rocken, Prussia

Pontius  Pilate309th
Pontius PilatePoints: 874 Last Day: -20

Ordered the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ

Founder of the Judean Peoples Front

Former member of the People's Front of Judea

  King of Diamonds310th
King of DiamondsPoints: 869 Last Day: -4

The Man with the Axe

Inspiration: Caesar Augustus

Favorite Poker Hand: Follow the Queens

The Masturbating Bear311st
The Masturbating BearPoints: 868 Last Day: -33

Will power: Lacking

Attire: Oversized Diaper

Theme: Sabre Dance

JeteriusPoints: 868 Last Day: -61

Ancient Greek Javelin Champion

Record distance: 19.5 akainas

Subject of Manicles' Man Scrolls

CaligulaPoints: 864 Last Day: -19

3rd Roman Emperor

Nickname translation: Little Boots

Once appointed his horse to the Senate

Adolf  Hitler314th
Adolf HitlerPoints: 861 Last Day: -116

der Fuhrer

Reich: Third

Fraulein: Eva Braun

Derek Jeter315th
Derek JeterPoints: 861 Last Day: -196

Yankee Great

Doubles power: Waning

Double chin: Waxing

SkunkhaPoints: 861 Last Day: -41

Sakan King

Leader of the Pointed Cap Wearers

Defeated by Persian King Darius I

DorfPoints: 856 Last Day: -40

Diminutive Scandinavian

Expert on: Golf, Auto Racing, Fishing, Baseball

Height: Roughly 4 ft.

PrincePoints: 848 Last Day: -42

The Artist Formerly Known as Prince

Color: Purple

Game, blouses.

  Cyrus the Great319th
Cyrus the GreatPoints: 845 Last Day: +3

King and Founder of the Persian Empire

Created the world's first human rights charter

Beard length: Moderate

Lewis  Mumford320th
Lewis MumfordPoints: 841 Last Day: +35

American Historian

Author of "The City in History"

Hometown: Flushing, NY

Charley  Horse321st
Charley HorsePoints: 837 Last Day: -82

Muscle-Cramping Equus ferus

Will strike your calf without remorse

First victim: Earth-bearing Atlas

Pope  Clement V322nd
Pope Clement VPoints: 829 Last Day: -51

Pope Responsible for the Great Schism

Bright idea: Moving the Vatican to France

Also found time to suppress the Knights Templar

DumbwaiterPoints: 799 Last Day: -14

Inanimate apparatus of ease

Fleet-footed food ferryer

Possibly bipolar

Jersey Devil324th
Jersey DevilPoints: 765 Last Day: +11

Turnpike Cryptid