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The Ranking: 301 - 324
Johnny Appleseed301st
Johnny AppleseedPoints: 876 Last Day: -59

Prolific Fruit Planter

Likes: Hard Cider

Dislikes: Oranges

Robert  Mugabe302nd
Robert MugabePoints: 874 Last Day: -20

President of Zimbabwe

Beacon of incompetency

When things get funny, print more money

Bartleby the Scrivener303rd
Bartleby the ScrivenerPoints: 872 Last Day: -77

Disaffected Office Worker

Pitiably respectable, incurably forlorn!

Would prefer not to.

Boutros Boutros-Ghali304th
Boutros Boutros-GhaliPoints: 871 Last Day: -64

6th UN Secretary General

Nationality: Egyptian

English translation: Peter Peter Ghali

PrincePoints: 871 Last Day: +7

The Artist Formerly Known as Prince

Color: Purple

Game, blouses.

Preparation H Raymond306th
Preparation H RaymondPoints: 867 Last Day: -41

Soothing Late Night Character


Raymond's here! Raymond's here!

  Bat Boy307th
Bat BoyPoints: 866 Last Day: -10

Weekly World News Star

Has his own hit musical

Surprisingly can't get a job for a baseball team

Rudolf  Crushman III308th
Rudolf Crushman IIIPoints: 862 Last Day: -102

Mancrush Historian

Professor of Manthropology

Top three: Bob Dole, Cicero, Muhammad Ali

The Wandering Jew309th
The Wandering JewPoints: 862 Last Day: -46

Mythical Heckler

Mistake: Taunting Crucifixion-bound Jesus

Just deserts: Perpetual perambulation

Ichabod Crane310th
Ichabod CranePoints: 861 Last Day: -104

Fictional Schoolmaster

Horse name: Gunpowder

Frightened by: Headless Horseman

Frederick  Douglass311st
Frederick DouglassPoints: 854 Last Day: -121

The Sage of Anacostia

Abolitionist, author, orator, statesman

Inspiring tale of perseverance

Pope  Leo X312nd
Pope Leo XPoints: 854 Last Day: -170

Reformation-Era Pope

Rode the Papal Bull against Martin Luther

A man of many schisms

Captain  Obvious313rd
Captain ObviousPoints: 851 Last Day: -147

Master of the Self-Evident

Quick to point out something you probably knew

Works for most corporations

Adolf  Hitler314th
Adolf HitlerPoints: 847 Last Day: -29

der Fuhrer

Reich: Third

Fraulein: Eva Braun

Burgermeister  Meisterburger315th
Burgermeister MeisterburgerPoints: 844 Last Day: -78

Burgermeister of Sombertown

Dislikes toys and fun.

Kris Kringle nemesis

Lyndon B. Johnson316th
Lyndon B. JohnsonPoints: 836 Last Day: +9

36th U.S. President

Became President after Kennedy was assassinated

2 words: Viet Nam

Chitty-Chitty  Bang-Bang317th
Chitty-Chitty Bang-BangPoints: 835 Last Day: -50

The Magical Car

Key abilities: Flight, floatation

Nemesis: Baron Bomburst, tyrant of Vulgaria

FabioPoints: 835 Last Day: -160

The Ultimate Mancrush

Will NEVER believe it's not butter

THE male supermodel of the 80's, 90's, and today

Shaka Zulu319th
Shaka ZuluPoints: 835 Last Day: +18

Zulu Nation Leader

Major battle: Gqokli Hill

Preferred tactic: "Buffalo Horns"

The Masturbating Bear320th
The Masturbating BearPoints: 831 Last Day: -29

Will power: Lacking

Attire: Oversized Diaper

Theme: Sabre Dance

Benedict  Arnold321st
Benedict ArnoldPoints: 826 Last Day: +7

Born British, fought American, surrendered French

Statues of His Right Leg in Saratoga: 1

Overrated Egg Dishes Not Named After: 1

Jersey Devil322nd
Jersey DevilPoints: 821 Last Day: +56

Turnpike Cryptid



DumbwaiterPoints: 806 Last Day: -82

Inanimate apparatus of ease

Fleet-footed food ferryer

Possibly bipolar

The  Interrupter324th
The InterrupterPoints: 790 Last Day: -57

That...weird guy from Conan O'Brien's show?

Not that...jackass who interrupts all the time?

He's the...absolute worst?