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Lewis  Mumford Elite Longbowman
The Ranking: 301 - 324
The  Invisible Man301st
The Invisible ManPoints: 875 Last Day: -157

Fictional Scientist

Has the refractive index of air

Invisibility now, Insanity later

  Cyrus the Great302nd
Cyrus the GreatPoints: 869 Last Day: -69

King and Founder of the Persian Empire

Created the world's first human rights charter

Beard length: Moderate

  Dark Helmet303rd
Dark HelmetPoints: 867 Last Day: -78

Lord of Spaceball One

Desired speed: Ludicrous

Airshield combination: 1-2-3-4-5

Boss Tweed304th
Boss TweedPoints: 866 Last Day: -57

Tammany Hall Proprietor

Imprisoned for: Shameless Embezzlement

Estimated amount stolen: $200 million

Lloyd  Braun305th
Lloyd BraunPoints: 864 Last Day: -86

Former Assistant to Mayor Dinkins

Serenity now, insanity later

Why can't you be more like Lloyd Braun?

Captain  Obvious306th
Captain ObviousPoints: 863 Last Day: -40

Master of the Self-Evident

Quick to point out something you probably knew

Works for most corporations

Mao  Zedong307th
Mao ZedongPoints: 859 Last Day: -73

Leader of the Chinese Communist Party 1949-1976

Fashion victim

What Chinese cats get from chasing mice...

Burgermeister  Meisterburger308th
Burgermeister MeisterburgerPoints: 857 Last Day: -5

Burgermeister of Sombertown

Dislikes toys and fun.

Kris Kringle nemesis

RomulusPoints: 855 Last Day: -40

Mythical Founder of Rome

Sustenance: She-wolf succoring

Overshadowed: Remus

Bob Marley310th
Bob MarleyPoints: 854 Last Day: -169

Poet & Prophet

White college kids inspired: 235,711

February 6, 1945 - May 11, 1981

Pope  Clement V311st
Pope Clement VPoints: 850 Last Day: -3

Pope Responsible for the Great Schism

Bright idea: Moving the Vatican to France

Also found time to suppress the Knights Templar

Pope  Leo X312nd
Pope Leo XPoints: 849 Last Day: +1

Reformation-Era Pope

Rode the Papal Bull against Martin Luther

A man of many schisms

Benedict  Arnold313rd
Benedict ArnoldPoints: 847 Last Day: -3

Born British, fought American, surrendered French

Statues of His Right Leg in Saratoga: 1

Overrated Egg Dishes Not Named After: 1

Rip  Van Winkle314th
Rip Van WinklePoints: 846 Last Day: -108

Apathetic New York Farmer

Slept for 20 years

Hometown: Small village in the Catskills

The Masturbating Bear315th
The Masturbating BearPoints: 836 Last Day: -130

Will power: Lacking

Attire: Oversized Diaper

Theme: Sabre Dance

  King of Diamonds316th
King of DiamondsPoints: 835 Last Day: -53

The Man with the Axe

Inspiration: Caesar Augustus

Favorite Poker Hand: Follow the Queens

The Pink  Panther317th
The Pink PantherPoints: 833 Last Day: +21

Alliterative Insulation Salesman

Foil: Inspector Clouseau

Do, do do, do do do do do do do do do dooooooooooo

Lyndon B. Johnson318th
Lyndon B. JohnsonPoints: 831 Last Day: -85

36th U.S. President

Became President after Kennedy was assassinated

2 words: Viet Nam

SkunkhaPoints: 827 Last Day: -90

Sakan King

Leader of the Pointed Cap Wearers

Defeated by Persian King Darius I

Elite Longbowman320th
Elite LongbowmanPoints: 823 Last Day: -62

Age of Empires Unit

Nationality: British

Cost: 35 wood, 40 gold

The Artful Dodger321st
The Artful DodgerPoints: 819 Last Day: -136

Mancrush.com Special Correspondent

Resident expert of 80's and 90's pop culture

Secret shame: Didn't even finish "Oliver Twist"

Hans Moleman322nd
Hans MolemanPoints: 817 Last Day: -135

"I was saying boo-urns"

Age: 31

Good Moleman to you.

James E. Carter  Jr.323rd
James E. Carter Jr.Points: 806 Last Day: -85

39th U.S. President

Known for the historic 1978 Camp David Accords.

The first American president born in a hospital.

Jersey Devil324th
Jersey DevilPoints: 780 Last Day: -1

Turnpike Cryptid