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The Ranking: 251 - 300
CincinnatusPoints: 940 Last Day: -105

Ancient Roman Consul and Dictator

Model of virtue and simplicity

Fasces in one hand, plow in the other

Don Mattingly252nd
Don MattinglyPoints: 940 Last Day: -9

Donnie Baseball

New York, NY

PinocchioPoints: 939 Last Day: +11

Fictional Fibber

Desire: Real boyhood

Manhandler: Gepetto

Gerard  Depardieu254th
Gerard DepardieuPoints: 938 Last Day: -75

Award Winning French Actor

Favorite actor of Fidel Castro

Memorable Films: Man in the Iron Mask

MoleculoPoints: 937 Last Day: +11

The Molecular Man

El Hombre de los Moleculos

Brent Barker? Moleculo? Hahaha...

Burgermeister  Meisterburger256th
Burgermeister MeisterburgerPoints: 935 Last Day: +70

Burgermeister of Sombertown

Dislikes toys and fun.

Kris Kringle nemesis

Abominable  Snow Monster257th
Abominable Snow MonsterPoints: 935 Last Day: -146

Slow-witted Yeti

AKA: Bumble

Least Favorite Movie: An Inconvenient Truth

Lyndon B. Johnson258th
Lyndon B. JohnsonPoints: 933 Last Day: -7

36th U.S. President

Became President after Kennedy was assassinated

2 words: Viet Nam

JawsPoints: 932 Last Day: +40

Fictional Great White Shark

Haunt: Amity Island

Achilles Heel: CO2 tanks, Paul Newman

Rip  Van Winkle260th
Rip Van WinklePoints: 932 Last Day: +16

Apathetic New York Farmer

Slept for 20 years

Hometown: Small village in the Catskills

QuetzalcoatlPoints: 931 Last Day: -100

Prominent Aztec Deity

Name essence: Bird Serpent

Not to be confused with Hernan Cortes

Mr Met262nd
Mr MetPoints: 930 Last Day: -51

Heady Metropolitans Mascot

Age: 43

Sexual preference: Ambiguous

Jean-Jacques  Rousseau263rd
Jean-Jacques RousseauPoints: 929 Last Day: -13

Enlightenment Philosopher

Didn't do anything of note till age 40

His ideas are Rousseau hot right now

Shaka Zulu264th
Shaka ZuluPoints: 929 Last Day: +62

Zulu Nation Leader

Major battle: Gqokli Hill

Preferred tactic: "Buffalo Horns"

John Cougar Mellencamp265th
John Cougar MellencampPoints: 928 Last Day: +6

1980s Rock Icon

Hits: Pink Houses, Jack and Diane

Cougar dropped: 1991

Ghost  Man266th
Ghost ManPoints: 926 Last Day: -24

Master of the Basepaths

Never takes the extra bag

Currently on 1st and 2nd

The  Old Man of the Mountain267th
The Old Man of the MountainPoints: 926 Last Day: -62

Naturally-Chiseled Granite Visage

Location: The Granite State

R.I.P. May 3, 2003

Lloyd  Braun268th
Lloyd BraunPoints: 925 Last Day: -44

Former Assistant to Mayor Dinkins

Serenity now, insanity later

Why can't you be more like Lloyd Braun?

Kublai  Khan269th
Kublai KhanPoints: 925 Last Day: -32

Last Khan of the Mongols & Emperor of China

Ancestor: Grandaddy Genghis

Palace: Extravagent

Charley  Horse270th
Charley HorsePoints: 923 Last Day: +25

Muscle-Cramping Equus ferus

Will strike your calf without remorse

First victim: Earth-bearing Atlas

FletchPoints: 921 Last Day: -35

Investigative Reporter

Aliases: John Cocktosten, Mr. Poon, Arnold Babar

I'll have a steak sandwich...and a steak sandwich

Father  Time272nd
Father TimePoints: 920 Last Day: -96

The Personification of Time

Profound similarities to Grim Reaper

Last seen: Late night with Mother Nature

Pontius  Pilate273rd
Pontius PilatePoints: 918 Last Day: -61

Ordered the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ

Founder of the Judean Peoples Front

Former member of the People's Front of Judea

  Ramses II274th
Ramses IIPoints: 916 Last Day: -167

Pharaoh of Egypt (1279 - 1213)

Began ruling in his early 20s

Born a lad, became a mummy

Saddam Hussein275th
Saddam HusseinPoints: 915 Last Day: +94

Deposed Despot

Hunger strike: 1 meal

Big-Screen Debut: South Park the Movie

Lewis  Mumford276th
Lewis MumfordPoints: 912 Last Day: +89

American Historian

Author of "The City in History"

Hometown: Flushing, NY

ChupacabraPoints: 910 Last Day: +55

Enigmatic Blood-Sucking Cryptid

Diet: Goats, assorted livestock

Doesn't get out as much as he should

Ichabod Crane278th
Ichabod CranePoints: 910 Last Day: +29

Fictional Schoolmaster

Horse name: Gunpowder

Frightened by: Headless Horseman

Aaron  Burr279th
Aaron BurrPoints: 909 Last Day: -67

American Politician

3rd Vice President of the United States

Outdueled Alexander Hamilton

Guzman  el Bueno280th
Guzman el BuenoPoints: 909 Last Day: +41

Loyal Spanish Noble

Defended Tarifa from the Moors and Portuguese

Immortalized by a Madrid Metro station

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk281st
Mustafa Kemal AtaturkPoints: 908 Last Day: -31

Father, founder and 1st president of modern Turkey

Westernized the nation

Always wore a wooly hat, regardless of season

  Dark Helmet282nd
Dark HelmetPoints: 907 Last Day: +29

Lord of Spaceball One

Desired speed: Ludicrous

Airshield combination: 1-2-3-4-5

Hans Moleman283rd
Hans MolemanPoints: 904 Last Day: -22

"I was saying boo-urns"

Age: 31

Good Moleman to you.

The  Interrupter284th
The InterrupterPoints: 903 Last Day: -8

That...weird guy from Conan O'Brien's show?

Not that...jackass who interrupts all the time?

He's the...absolute worst?

The Marlboro Man285th
The Marlboro ManPoints: 900 Last Day: +5

Cancerous Character

Enjoys: One good spliff

Smoke 'em if you got 'em

Robert  Mugabe286th
Robert MugabePoints: 899 Last Day: -8

President of Zimbabwe

Beacon of incompetency

When things get funny, print more money

SkunkhaPoints: 898 Last Day: -76

Sakan King

Leader of the Pointed Cap Wearers

Defeated by Persian King Darius I

Oliver Cromwell288th
Oliver CromwellPoints: 897 Last Day: -69

Lord Protector of England

Reign: 1653-1658

Government: Commonwealth

The Pink  Panther289th
The Pink PantherPoints: 896 Last Day: -45

Alliterative Insulation Salesman

Foil: Inspector Clouseau

Do, do do, do do do do do do do do do dooooooooooo

  Cyrus the Great290th
Cyrus the GreatPoints: 895 Last Day: -6

King and Founder of the Persian Empire

Created the world's first human rights charter

Beard length: Moderate

Mao  Zedong291st
Mao ZedongPoints: 895 Last Day: -24

Leader of the Chinese Communist Party 1949-1976

Fashion victim

What Chinese cats get from chasing mice...

GoliathPoints: 893 Last Day: -90

Philistine Giant

Felled by David

Arguably the biggest Mancrush around

CaligulaPoints: 890 Last Day: +36

3rd Roman Emperor

Nickname translation: Little Boots

Once appointed his horse to the Senate

Rudolf  Crushman III294th
Rudolf Crushman IIIPoints: 889 Last Day: -34

Mancrush Historian

Professor of Manthropology

Top three: Bob Dole, Cicero, Muhammad Ali

Bartleby the Scrivener295th
Bartleby the ScrivenerPoints: 889 Last Day: -27

Disaffected Office Worker

Pitiably respectable, incurably forlorn!

Would prefer not to.

David Foster Wallace296th
David Foster WallacePoints: 889 Last Day: +67

American novelist, essayist

Considers: Lobsters

Secret Identity: Math Weenie

Boss Tweed297th
Boss TweedPoints: 887 Last Day: -62

Tammany Hall Proprietor

Imprisoned for: Shameless Embezzlement

Estimated amount stolen: $200 million

Pol Pot298th
Pol PotPoints: 886 Last Day: -73

Khmer Rouge Leader

Rule: 1976 - 1979

True name: Saloth Sar

  Bat Boy299th
Bat BoyPoints: 885 Last Day: -10

Weekly World News Star

Has his own hit musical

Surprisingly can't get a job for a baseball team

Clay  Manning300th
Clay ManningPoints: 885 Last Day: -29

Long-Lost Fourth Manning Brother

Team: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Major: Philosophy