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The FedEx Pope Lewis  Mumford
The Ranking: 251 - 300
FletchPoints: 935 Last Day: +66

Investigative Reporter

Aliases: John Cocktosten, Mr. Poon, Arnold Babar

I'll have a steak sandwich...and a steak sandwich

Samuel  Chase252nd
Samuel ChasePoints: 933 Last Day: +42

Signer of the Declaration of Independence

Associate Justice of the Supreme Court

Represented: Maryland

Gotlieb  Mannstein253rd
Gotlieb MannsteinPoints: 933 Last Day: -10

Austrian Archaeologist

Discoverer of the Man Scrolls

Really digs this website

Shel  Silverstein254th
Shel SilversteinPoints: 933 Last Day: -4

Uncle Shelby

Location: Where the Sidewalk Ends

Best Song: A Boy Named Sue

  Le Corbusier255th
Le CorbusierPoints: 932 Last Day: -41

Modernist Architect

Writer, atheist, name changer

Notable work: Notre-Dame-du-Haut

Mr.  Ed256th
Mr. EdPoints: 931 Last Day: -63

A Horse is a Horse

Of course, of course

He's a friggin talking horse!

ChupacabraPoints: 930 Last Day: -27

Enigmatic Blood-Sucking Cryptid

Diet: Goats, assorted livestock

Doesn't get out as much as he should

Erwin Rommel258th
Erwin RommelPoints: 930 Last Day: -37

WWII German Field Marshal

Also known as: The Desert Fox

Crucial battle lost: Normandy

CiceroPoints: 929 Last Day: -81

Ancient Latin Orator

Name meaning: Chickpea

Nemesis: Marc Antony

Pac  Man260th
Pac ManPoints: 929 Last Day: -35

Arcade Game Character

Dislikes: Apparitions

Clearly malnourished

PrincePoints: 927 Last Day: +4

The Artist Formerly Known as Prince

Color: Purple

Game, blouses.

Don Mattingly262nd
Don MattinglyPoints: 926 Last Day: -11

Donnie Baseball

New York, NY

PopeyePoints: 926 Last Day: -68

Fictional Sailor Man

Trademark tattoo: Anchor

Tonic: Spinach

Abominable  Snow Monster264th
Abominable Snow MonsterPoints: 926 Last Day: -24

Slow-witted Yeti

AKA: Bumble

Least Favorite Movie: An Inconvenient Truth

Moby-DickPoints: 925 Last Day: -21

Great White Whale

Nemesis: Captain Ahab

A metaphor for life, man

Admiral Ackbar266th
Admiral AckbarPoints: 924 Last Day: -87

It's a trap!

Race: Mon Calamari

Force: Rebel Alliance

Chitty-Chitty  Bang-Bang267th
Chitty-Chitty Bang-BangPoints: 921 Last Day: +24

The Magical Car

Key abilities: Flight, floatation

Nemesis: Baron Bomburst, tyrant of Vulgaria

Guzman  el Bueno268th
Guzman el BuenoPoints: 918 Last Day: +5

Loyal Spanish Noble

Defended Tarifa from the Moors and Portuguese

Immortalized by a Madrid Metro station

AlfPoints: 917 Last Day: -26

Gordon Shumway!

Diet: Cats

Intergalactic flame: Rhonda

Father  Time270th
Father TimePoints: 917 Last Day: -13

The Personification of Time

Profound similarities to Grim Reaper

Last seen: Late night with Mother Nature

BacchusPoints: 916 Last Day: -44

God of Wine

Represented the benefits of intoxication

Greek name: Dionysus

Attila the Hun272nd
Attila the HunPoints: 915 Last Day: -74

King of the Huns

Primary foe: Roman Empire

Reputation: Subjective

Jean-Jacques  Rousseau273rd
Jean-Jacques RousseauPoints: 915 Last Day: -74

Enlightenment Philosopher

Didn't do anything of note till age 40

His ideas are Rousseau hot right now

Emilio  Estevez274th
Emilio EstevezPoints: 913 Last Day: -16

Gordon Bombay

Notable films: Young Guns, Breakfast Club

True surname: Sheen

Clay  Manning275th
Clay ManningPoints: 912 Last Day: -29

Long-Lost Fourth Manning Brother

Team: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Major: Philosophy

BigfootPoints: 911 Last Day: -77

Mythical Ape-Man

Also known as: Sasquatch

Cousin: Yetti

Ghost  Man277th
Ghost ManPoints: 910 Last Day: +20

Master of the Basepaths

Never takes the extra bag

Currently on 1st and 2nd

The Marlboro Man278th
The Marlboro ManPoints: 909 Last Day: -67

Cancerous Character

Enjoys: One good spliff

Smoke 'em if you got 'em

RomulusPoints: 908 Last Day: -88

Mythical Founder of Rome

Sustenance: She-wolf succoring

Overshadowed: Remus

DorfPoints: 906 Last Day: +50

Diminutive Scandinavian

Expert on: Golf, Auto Racing, Fishing, Baseball

Height: Roughly 4 ft.

Elite Longbowman281st
Elite LongbowmanPoints: 904 Last Day: -92

Age of Empires Unit

Nationality: British

Cost: 35 wood, 40 gold

Mao  Zedong282nd
Mao ZedongPoints: 903 Last Day: +11

Leader of the Chinese Communist Party 1949-1976

Fashion victim

What Chinese cats get from chasing mice...

John Cougar Mellencamp283rd
John Cougar MellencampPoints: 901 Last Day: -36

1980s Rock Icon

Hits: Pink Houses, Jack and Diane

Cougar dropped: 1991

  King of Diamonds284th
King of DiamondsPoints: 900 Last Day: +25

The Man with the Axe

Inspiration: Caesar Augustus

Favorite Poker Hand: Follow the Queens

  Bat Boy285th
Bat BoyPoints: 899 Last Day: -44

Weekly World News Star

Has his own hit musical

Surprisingly can't get a job for a baseball team

Brave Sir Robin286th
Brave Sir RobinPoints: 898 Last Day: -89

Robin the Chicken-Hearted

Steer: Coconut Shells

Capital of Assyria: Unknown

Frederick  Douglass287th
Frederick DouglassPoints: 896 Last Day: +48

The Sage of Anacostia

Abolitionist, author, orator, statesman

Inspiring tale of perseverance

DeathPoints: 895 Last Day: +11

Not-so-serious Minister of the Afterlife

Enjoys: Golf, Edward James Olmos

Maintain. Come on, Death. You can do this.

Charley  Horse289th
Charley HorsePoints: 895 Last Day: -6

Muscle-Cramping Equus ferus

Will strike your calf without remorse

First victim: Earth-bearing Atlas

Bernie  Kosar290th
Bernie KosarPoints: 895 Last Day: -34

Bernie Bernie

Ohhh yeah, how you can throw

We gotta go: Super Bowl

RaPoints: 895 Last Day: -104

The Sun God

Deity status: Omnipotent

Later merged with: Amun

Benedict  Arnold292nd
Benedict ArnoldPoints: 894 Last Day: -89

Born British, fought American, surrendered French

Statues of His Right Leg in Saratoga: 1

Overrated Egg Dishes Not Named After: 1

Captain  Obvious293rd
Captain ObviousPoints: 890 Last Day: +126

Master of the Self-Evident

Quick to point out something you probably knew

Works for most corporations

JeteriusPoints: 888 Last Day: -83

Ancient Greek Javelin Champion

Record distance: 19.5 akainas

Subject of Manicles' Man Scrolls

SkunkhaPoints: 888 Last Day: -68

Sakan King

Leader of the Pointed Cap Wearers

Defeated by Persian King Darius I

Pope  Clement V296th
Pope Clement VPoints: 887 Last Day: -26

Pope Responsible for the Great Schism

Bright idea: Moving the Vatican to France

Also found time to suppress the Knights Templar

Humpty  Dumpty297th
Humpty DumptyPoints: 887 Last Day: -71

Fictional Egg Man

Sat on a wall

Was let down by all the king's horses and all the king's men

HamletPoints: 887 Last Day: -41

Prince of Denmark

Bad habit: Regicide

A bit touched in the head

Oliver Cromwell299th
Oliver CromwellPoints: 885 Last Day: -47

Lord Protector of England

Reign: 1653-1658

Government: Commonwealth

The  Interrupter300th
The InterrupterPoints: 883 Last Day: +20

That...weird guy from Conan O'Brien's show?

Not that...jackass who interrupts all the time?

He's the...absolute worst?