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Admiral Ackbar Alexander the Great
The Ranking: 251 - 300
The Pink  Panther251st
The Pink PantherPoints: 936 Last Day: +36

Alliterative Insulation Salesman

Foil: Inspector Clouseau

Do, do do, do do do do do do do do do dooooooooooo

Fat  Guy252nd
Fat GuyPoints: 935 Last Day: -43

Nintendo Ice Hockey

Weaknesses: Speed, Agility, Erectile Disfunction

Strengths: Brute force, thick mustache

Clay  Manning253rd
Clay ManningPoints: 935 Last Day: +77

Long-Lost Fourth Manning Brother

Team: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Major: Philosophy

David Foster Wallace254th
David Foster WallacePoints: 935 Last Day: +7

American novelist, essayist

Considers: Lobsters

Secret Identity: Math Weenie

DeathPoints: 932 Last Day: -28

Not-so-serious Minister of the Afterlife

Enjoys: Golf, Edward James Olmos

Maintain. Come on, Death. You can do this.

HannibalPoints: 932 Last Day: -145

Carthaginian Commander

Culled a crucial conquest at Cannae

Couldn't conclusively cover Carthage, ultimately

PinocchioPoints: 932 Last Day: +47

Fictional Fibber

Desire: Real boyhood

Manhandler: Gepetto

Erwin Rommel258th
Erwin RommelPoints: 931 Last Day: -84

WWII German Field Marshal

Also known as: The Desert Fox

Crucial battle lost: Normandy

Johnny Appleseed259th
Johnny AppleseedPoints: 930 Last Day: +14

Prolific Fruit Planter

Likes: Hard Cider

Dislikes: Oranges

Pope  Clement V260th
Pope Clement VPoints: 930 Last Day: +40

Pope Responsible for the Great Schism

Bright idea: Moving the Vatican to France

Also found time to suppress the Knights Templar

  Le Corbusier261st
Le CorbusierPoints: 929 Last Day: +25

Modernist Architect

Writer, atheist, name changer

Notable work: Notre-Dame-du-Haut

Salman Rushdie262nd
Salman RushdiePoints: 929 Last Day: +31

Controversial Essayist

Work in question: The Satanic Verses

Alias: Sal Bass

Shaka Zulu263rd
Shaka ZuluPoints: 929 Last Day: +22

Zulu Nation Leader

Major battle: Gqokli Hill

Preferred tactic: "Buffalo Horns"

CaligulaPoints: 927 Last Day: +19

3rd Roman Emperor

Nickname translation: Little Boots

Once appointed his horse to the Senate

Thomas the Tank Engine265th
Thomas the Tank EnginePoints: 926 Last Day: -110

Anthropomorphic Steam Engine

Resides: Island of Sodor

Seasons: 10

Gotlieb  Mannstein266th
Gotlieb MannsteinPoints: 925 Last Day: +35

Austrian Archaeologist

Discoverer of the Man Scrolls

Really digs this website

Lewis  Mumford267th
Lewis MumfordPoints: 925 Last Day: +71

American Historian

Author of "The City in History"

Hometown: Flushing, NY

OperamanPoints: 925 Last Day: -61

Renowned Opera Singer

Expresses the plight of the common operaman

Side job: Security Guardo at Montgomery Wardo

DorfPoints: 922 Last Day: +13

Diminutive Scandinavian

Expert on: Golf, Auto Racing, Fishing, Baseball

Height: Roughly 4 ft.

AchillesPoints: 921 Last Day: -58

Greek Hero

Defeated Hector in the Battle of Troy

Guess where his one weakness is

John Ritter271st
John RitterPoints: 921 Last Day: -171

Three's Company

Middle name: Southworth

Last film: Bad Santa

The Wandering Jew272nd
The Wandering JewPoints: 920 Last Day: +9

Mythical Heckler

Mistake: Taunting Crucifixion-bound Jesus

Just deserts: Perpetual perambulation

Mr  Potato Head273rd
Mr Potato HeadPoints: 919 Last Day: +16

Uber Tuber

Shaves faster than any man

Gets a little spud for Mrs. Potato Head

JeteriusPoints: 917 Last Day: +26

Ancient Greek Javelin Champion

Record distance: 19.5 akainas

Subject of Manicles' Man Scrolls

Bartleby the Scrivener275th
Bartleby the ScrivenerPoints: 917 Last Day: +52

Disaffected Office Worker

Pitiably respectable, incurably forlorn!

Would prefer not to.

Omar Sharif276th
Omar SharifPoints: 917 Last Day: +4

Egyptian Actor

Notable role: Dr. Zhivago

Sharif he don't like it

White  Spy277th
White SpyPoints: 916 Last Day: -81

Fictional Undercover Operative

Master of the art of surreptitiousness

Chicanery matched only by the Black Spy

Rip  Van Winkle278th
Rip Van WinklePoints: 916 Last Day: +30

Apathetic New York Farmer

Slept for 20 years

Hometown: Small village in the Catskills

  King of Diamonds279th
King of DiamondsPoints: 909 Last Day: -47

The Man with the Axe

Inspiration: Caesar Augustus

Favorite Poker Hand: Follow the Queens

Pope  Leo X280th
Pope Leo XPoints: 908 Last Day: +19

Reformation-Era Pope

Rode the Papal Bull against Martin Luther

A man of many schisms

Emilio  Estevez281st
Emilio EstevezPoints: 907 Last Day: -23

Gordon Bombay

Notable films: Young Guns, Breakfast Club

True surname: Sheen

SkunkhaPoints: 905 Last Day: -26

Sakan King

Leader of the Pointed Cap Wearers

Defeated by Persian King Darius I

Abominable  Snow Monster283rd
Abominable Snow MonsterPoints: 905 Last Day: -74

Slow-witted Yeti

AKA: Bumble

Least Favorite Movie: An Inconvenient Truth

Boss Tweed284th
Boss TweedPoints: 905 Last Day: -34

Tammany Hall Proprietor

Imprisoned for: Shameless Embezzlement

Estimated amount stolen: $200 million

Preparation H Raymond285th
Preparation H RaymondPoints: 904 Last Day: -46

Soothing Late Night Character


Raymond's here! Raymond's here!

Frederick  Douglass286th
Frederick DouglassPoints: 903 Last Day: -79

The Sage of Anacostia

Abolitionist, author, orator, statesman

Inspiring tale of perseverance

Clark  Griswold287th
Clark GriswoldPoints: 902 Last Day: -126

Family Man

Passions: Sledding, lights, holiday cheer

The thing to say: Mona Kalikimaka

Boutros Boutros-Ghali288th
Boutros Boutros-GhaliPoints: 901 Last Day: -70

6th UN Secretary General

Nationality: Egyptian

English translation: Peter Peter Ghali

Area Man289th
Area ManPoints: 901 Last Day: -19

Holds many strong opinions

Jobs Held: 1,348

Madison, WI

Lyndon B. Johnson290th
Lyndon B. JohnsonPoints: 900 Last Day: -13

36th U.S. President

Became President after Kennedy was assassinated

2 words: Viet Nam

Rudolf  Crushman III291st
Rudolf Crushman IIIPoints: 899 Last Day: -56

Mancrush Historian

Professor of Manthropology

Top three: Bob Dole, Cicero, Muhammad Ali

John Cougar Mellencamp292nd
John Cougar MellencampPoints: 899 Last Day: -35

1980s Rock Icon

Hits: Pink Houses, Jack and Diane

Cougar dropped: 1991

Pablo  Neruda293rd
Pablo NerudaPoints: 895 Last Day: -76

Chilean Writer and Poet

Political views: Communist

Cuanto vive el hombre, por fin?

The FedEx Pope294th
The FedEx PopePoints: 895 Last Day: -49

Late Night's Least Popular Character

Naps in state

Whereabouts: Unknown

MoleculoPoints: 892 Last Day: -10

The Molecular Man

El Hombre de los Moleculos

Brent Barker? Moleculo? Hahaha...

George  Orwell296th
George OrwellPoints: 891 Last Day: -42

Essayist, Author

Author of 1984 and Animal Farm

Soldier in the Spanish Civil War

Merv Griffin297th
Merv GriffinPoints: 890 Last Day: -114


Has a lovely bunch of coconuts

Location: mancrush.com

The Masturbating Bear298th
The Masturbating BearPoints: 887 Last Day: -31

Will power: Lacking

Attire: Oversized Diaper

Theme: Sabre Dance

Lloyd  Braun299th
Lloyd BraunPoints: 887 Last Day: -45

Former Assistant to Mayor Dinkins

Serenity now, insanity later

Why can't you be more like Lloyd Braun?

Andy Van Slyke300th
Andy Van SlykePoints: 887 Last Day: -3

Pittsburgh Pirates Legend

Gold Gloves: 5

Bat Type: Alka Seltzer