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Omar Sharif   Augustus
The Ranking: 201 - 250
Spiro  Agnew201st
Spiro AgnewPoints: 974 Last Day: -96

39th Vice President of the United States

Sneakiest Four Syllables in Washington

High crime and(or) misdemeanor: Tax evasion

Old  Ironsides202nd
Old IronsidesPoints: 974 Last Day: -88

The USS Constitution

Oldest commissioned ship still in service

Born: Boston, MA - 22 July 1798

Little  Caesar203rd
Little CaesarPoints: 973 Last Day: +104

Talent: Single Handedly Flipping Pizzas With Spear

Wants To Talk to You About: $5.00 Hot-N-Ready Deal

Type of Birth: Little Cesarian Section

HannibalPoints: 972 Last Day: +16

Carthaginian Commander

Culled a crucial conquest at Cannae

Couldn't conclusively cover Carthage, ultimately

The  Invisible Man205th
The Invisible ManPoints: 972 Last Day: +40

Fictional Scientist

Has the refractive index of air

Invisibility now, Insanity later

Rudolf  Crushman III206th
Rudolf Crushman IIIPoints: 971 Last Day: -30

Mancrush Historian

Professor of Manthropology

Top three: Bob Dole, Cicero, Muhammad Ali

Peking  Man207th
Peking ManPoints: 971 Last Day: -22

Homo Erectus

Age: 250,000 - 400,000 years

Hometown: Beijing, China

MothmanPoints: 970 Last Day: +42

West Virginian Cryptid

Friends: None

Idea of a good time: Creeping people out, yahtzee

Thomas  Aquinas209th
Thomas AquinasPoints: 969 Last Day: -58

The Good Doctor

Life Work: Summa Theologica... all in Latin!

Name back at the monastery: The Dumb Ox

Mr.  Ed210th
Mr. EdPoints: 968 Last Day: -15

A Horse is a Horse

Of course, of course

He's a friggin talking horse!

PopeyePoints: 968 Last Day: +94

Fictional Sailor Man

Trademark tattoo: Anchor

Tonic: Spinach

Jeffrey Lebowski212nd
Jeffrey LebowskiPoints: 966 Last Day: -88

The Dude Abides

Sometimes there's a man...

Recreation: Bowling, acid flashbacks

Mr  Potato Head213rd
Mr Potato HeadPoints: 966 Last Day: +51

Uber Tuber

Shaves faster than any man

Gets a little spud for Mrs. Potato Head

Thomas the Tank Engine214th
Thomas the Tank EnginePoints: 966 Last Day: -57

Anthropomorphic Steam Engine

Resides: Island of Sodor

Seasons: 10

BarbaroPoints: 965 Last Day: -45

Former Kentucky Derby Champion

Born and raised in Philadelphia, PA

More likely to become an adhesive than race again

MoctezumaPoints: 965 Last Day: +11

Aztec King

Vainly Awaited: Quetzalcoatl

Defeated by: Cortes

BlackbeardPoints: 963 Last Day: -30

18th century English Pirate

Vessel: Queen Anne's Revenge

Booty accumulated: Much

Yukon  Cornelius218th
Yukon CorneliusPoints: 963 Last Day: -22

Prospector with Pick Axe Prowess

Seeks: Silver

Also Seeks: Gold

Alexander the Great219th
Alexander the GreatPoints: 963 Last Day: -7

Macedonian Conqueror

Reign: 336-326 BC

Ways swung: Both

Bernie  Kosar220th
Bernie KosarPoints: 963 Last Day: +24

Bernie Bernie

Ohhh yeah, how you can throw

We gotta go: Super Bowl

BigfootPoints: 961 Last Day: +12

Mythical Ape-Man

Also known as: Sasquatch

Cousin: Yetti

Bill Clinton222nd
Bill ClintonPoints: 961 Last Day: -94

42nd U.S. President

Lewd Acts: 17

New York, NY

Kool-Aid  Man223rd
Kool-Aid ManPoints: 961 Last Day: -26

Kool-Aid Mascot

Oh yeah!!!

Oh no...

NeroPoints: 961 Last Day: +73

Fiery Roman Emperor

Dynasty: Julio-Claudian

Mistake: Fiddling while Rome burned

TorquemadaPoints: 960 Last Day: +11

Spanish Inquisitor

Idea of a good time: Coerced confessions

Dark secret: Jewish ancestry

CaligulaPoints: 959 Last Day: +86

3rd Roman Emperor

Nickname translation: Little Boots

Once appointed his horse to the Senate

Enrico Palazzo227th
Enrico PalazzoPoints: 959 Last Day: +30

"Hey, it's Enrico Pallazzo!"

Stat: Generic

Location: mancrush.com

Admiral Ackbar228th
Admiral AckbarPoints: 958 Last Day: -65

It's a trap!

Race: Mon Calamari

Force: Rebel Alliance

The Wandering Jew229th
The Wandering JewPoints: 958 Last Day: +55

Mythical Heckler

Mistake: Taunting Crucifixion-bound Jesus

Just deserts: Perpetual perambulation

LucretiusPoints: 958 Last Day: -50

Roman Poet and Philosopher

Wrote De Rerum Natura

Possibly the world's first atheist

RaPoints: 958 Last Day: -11

The Sun God

Deity status: Omnipotent

Later merged with: Amun

TutankhamunPoints: 958 Last Day: -61

King Tut

Dynasty: 18th

Reign: 1333 BC- 1324 BC

Lawrence  Welk233rd
Lawrence WelkPoints: 958 Last Day: -48

Champaign Music Television Host

Show highlight: Bubble machine

Instrument of choice: Accordion

PinocchioPoints: 957 Last Day: -106

Fictional Fibber

Desire: Real boyhood

Manhandler: Gepetto

Salvador Dali235th
Salvador DaliPoints: 955 Last Day: -63


Best known work: The Persistence of Memory

Birthplace: Figueres, Spain

The Artful Dodger236th
The Artful DodgerPoints: 955 Last Day: +100

Mancrush.com Special Correspondent

Resident expert of 80's and 90's pop culture

Secret shame: Didn't even finish "Oliver Twist"

Genghis Khan237th
Genghis KhanPoints: 955 Last Day: +56

13th Century Mongol Overlord

Modern-day descendents: 17 million

Grave whereabouts: Unknown

JawsPoints: 953 Last Day: +12

Fictional Great White Shark

Haunt: Amity Island

Achilles Heel: CO2 tanks, Paul Newman

Moby-DickPoints: 951 Last Day: +11

Great White Whale

Nemesis: Captain Ahab

A metaphor for life, man

The Pink  Panther240th
The Pink PantherPoints: 950 Last Day: +27

Alliterative Insulation Salesman

Foil: Inspector Clouseau

Do, do do, do do do do do do do do do dooooooooooo

Father  Time241st
Father TimePoints: 950 Last Day: +1

The Personification of Time

Profound similarities to Grim Reaper

Last seen: Late night with Mother Nature

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk242nd
Mustafa Kemal AtaturkPoints: 949 Last Day: +9

Father, founder and 1st president of modern Turkey

Westernized the nation

Always wore a wooly hat, regardless of season

Friedrich Nietzsche243rd
Friedrich NietzschePoints: 948 Last Day: -41

God is dead.

Stat: Generic

Rocken, Prussia

Von Hayes244th
Von HayesPoints: 947 Last Day: +46

1980's Phillies Star

Once traded for: Julio Franco

Middle name: Francis

Shel  Silverstein245th
Shel SilversteinPoints: 947 Last Day: -45

Uncle Shelby

Location: Where the Sidewalk Ends

Best Song: A Boy Named Sue

Old King Cole246th
Old King ColePoints: 945 Last Day: +21

Merry Old Soul

Fiddlers: 3

Requested: Pipe,Bowl

Yuri  Gagarin247th
Yuri GagarinPoints: 944 Last Day: -102

#1 Cosmonaut

First man in space

Truly went where no man had gone before

Bartleby the Scrivener248th
Bartleby the ScrivenerPoints: 942 Last Day: +32

Disaffected Office Worker

Pitiably respectable, incurably forlorn!

Would prefer not to.

Johnny Appleseed249th
Johnny AppleseedPoints: 941 Last Day: -59

Prolific Fruit Planter

Likes: Hard Cider

Dislikes: Oranges

Area Man250th
Area ManPoints: 941 Last Day: -38

Holds many strong opinions

Jobs Held: 1,348

Madison, WI