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The Fool Salman Rushdie
The Ranking: 151 - 200
Soup  Nazi151st
Soup NaziPoints: 1011 Last Day: -49

Austere Soup Service Man

Favored dish: Mulligatawny Soup

No mancrush for you! Come back, one year!

Meriweather Lewis152nd
Meriweather LewisPoints: 1010 Last Day: -57

Corps of Discovery Leader

Sidekick: William Clark

Cause of Death: Multiple Gunshots

Count  von Count153rd
Count von CountPoints: 1010 Last Day: +39

Obsessive-Compulsive Arithmomaniac

Resides: Sesame Street

When he's alone, he counts himself.

AugustusPoints: 1009 Last Day: +16

First emperor of the Roman Empire

Ruled from 27 BC to 14 AD

Namesake for the month of August

El Cid155th
El CidPoints: 1008 Last Day: -51

Castillian Hombre

Real name: Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar

Chivalry: Second to none

Humpty  Dumpty156th
Humpty DumptyPoints: 1008 Last Day: +13

Fictional Egg Man

Sat on a wall

Was let down by all the king's horses and all the king's men

Gerard  Depardieu157th
Gerard DepardieuPoints: 1007 Last Day: -118

Award Winning French Actor

Favorite actor of Fidel Castro

Memorable Films: Man in the Iron Mask

Grocer Cat158th
Grocer CatPoints: 1006 Last Day: -55

Feline Shopkeeper

Home: Busytown

Progeny: Huckle Cat

Smokey  Bear159th
Smokey BearPoints: 1005 Last Day: +44

Concerned Ursine Park Ranger

Age: 62

Cannot prevent forest fires

John  Malkovich160th
John MalkovichPoints: 1005 Last Day: -51

Malkovich Malkovich

Malkovich: Malkovich

Malkovich, Malkovich Malkovich?

BarbaroPoints: 1000 Last Day: +31

Former Kentucky Derby Champion

Born and raised in Philadelphia, PA

More likely to become an adhesive than race again

DeathPoints: 1000 Last Day: +89

Not-so-serious Minister of the Afterlife

Enjoys: Golf, Edward James Olmos

Maintain. Come on, Death. You can do this.

Marcus  Aurelius163rd
Marcus AureliusPoints: 999 Last Day: -1

Roman Emperor

Stoic philosopher

Reign: 161-180 AD

Ambrose Everett Burnside164th
Ambrose Everett BurnsidePoints: 999 Last Day: -34

Created sideburns, elevated facial hair to an Art.

Twice refused command of the Army of the Potomac.

Kicked ass for the greater glory of the Union.

OrionPoints: 998 Last Day: +32

The Hunter

Belt names: Saucepan, Magi, Three Kings

Still hunting Taurus after 1.5 million years

Old King Cole166th
Old King ColePoints: 997 Last Day: -63

Merry Old Soul

Fiddlers: 3

Requested: Pipe,Bowl

The  Old Man of the Mountain167th
The Old Man of the MountainPoints: 997 Last Day: +168

Naturally-Chiseled Granite Visage

Location: The Granite State

R.I.P. May 3, 2003

Keith Hernandez168th
Keith HernandezPoints: 996 Last Day: -14

He is Keith Hernandez

Off-Color Comments: 1

Needs help moving.

Mr Met169th
Mr MetPoints: 995 Last Day: +7

Heady Metropolitans Mascot

Age: 43

Sexual preference: Ambiguous

Mr.  Ed170th
Mr. EdPoints: 994 Last Day: -4

A Horse is a Horse

Of course, of course

He's a friggin talking horse!

Spiro  Agnew171st
Spiro AgnewPoints: 991 Last Day: -16

39th Vice President of the United States

Sneakiest Four Syllables in Washington

High crime and(or) misdemeanor: Tax evasion

HangmanPoints: 991 Last Day: -36

Condemned Game Character

Pleads for: E or U

Prognosis: F_CK_D

Earl of Sandwich173rd
Earl of SandwichPoints: 990 Last Day: +2

Prominant Statesman, Admiral, and Snacker

Nickname: Homeslice

Cutlery used: None

The Fool174th
The FoolPoints: 990 Last Day: -81

Occultist Everyman

Arcana: Major

Known For: Folly, Extravagance, Intoxication

Jean-Jacques  Rousseau175th
Jean-Jacques RousseauPoints: 989 Last Day: -11

Enlightenment Philosopher

Didn't do anything of note till age 40

His ideas are Rousseau hot right now

TorquemadaPoints: 989 Last Day: +31

Spanish Inquisitor

Idea of a good time: Coerced confessions

Dark secret: Jewish ancestry

John  Jay177th
John JayPoints: 988 Last Day: +97

American Politician, Founding Father

First Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

Hometown: New York, NY

Leif Erikson178th
Leif EriksonPoints: 987 Last Day: -15

Icelandic Explorer

Discovery: North America

Leif Erikson Day: October 9th

Black  Spy179th
Black SpyPoints: 987 Last Day: -1

Fictional Undercover Operative

Master of the art of subterfuge

Guile matched only by the White Spy

Dennis  the Menace180th
Dennis the MenacePoints: 987 Last Day: +7


Primary adversary: Mr. Wilson

Cartoon forefather of mischief

Sitting Bull181st
Sitting BullPoints: 986 Last Day: +13

Lakota Sioux Leader

Routed: General Custer

Buried at: Fort Yates

Ghost  Man182nd
Ghost ManPoints: 986 Last Day: -9

Master of the Basepaths

Never takes the extra bag

Currently on 1st and 2nd

HannibalPoints: 985 Last Day: -53

Carthaginian Commander

Culled a crucial conquest at Cannae

Couldn't conclusively cover Carthage, ultimately

Friedrich Nietzsche184th
Friedrich NietzschePoints: 984 Last Day: -41

God is dead.

Stat: Generic

Rocken, Prussia

Cabeza de Vaca185th
Cabeza de VacaPoints: 984 Last Day: -39

Spanish New World Explorer

Swath scoured: Southwest

Literal translation: Cow's head

HammurabiPoints: 983 Last Day: -45

Babylonian King

Penal codes: 1

Babylon, Mesopotamia

Abominable  Snow Monster187th
Abominable Snow MonsterPoints: 983 Last Day: +62

Slow-witted Yeti

AKA: Bumble

Least Favorite Movie: An Inconvenient Truth

Lawrence of Arabia188th
Lawrence of ArabiaPoints: 981 Last Day: -47

Lieutenant-Colonel T.E. Lawrence

Autobiography: Seven Pillars of Wisdom

Nationality: Scottish

Von Hayes189th
Von HayesPoints: 981 Last Day: +44

1980's Phillies Star

Once traded for: Julio Franco

Middle name: Francis

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk190th
Mustafa Kemal AtaturkPoints: 980 Last Day: +102

Father, founder and 1st president of modern Turkey

Westernized the nation

Always wore a wooly hat, regardless of season

White  Spy191st
White SpyPoints: 979 Last Day: -13

Fictional Undercover Operative

Master of the art of surreptitiousness

Chicanery matched only by the Black Spy

AchillesPoints: 978 Last Day: -58

Greek Hero

Defeated Hector in the Battle of Troy

Guess where his one weakness is

MoctezumaPoints: 977 Last Day: +65

Aztec King

Vainly Awaited: Quetzalcoatl

Defeated by: Cortes

Pliny the Elder194th
Pliny the ElderPoints: 975 Last Day: -93

Roman Author, Philosopher, and Military Commander

Author of Naturalis Historia

Rescued victims of Mount Vesuvius by sea

Saddam Hussein195th
Saddam HusseinPoints: 975 Last Day: +42

Deposed Despot

Hunger strike: 1 meal

Big-Screen Debut: South Park the Movie

QuetzalcoatlPoints: 975 Last Day: -32

Prominent Aztec Deity

Name essence: Bird Serpent

Not to be confused with Hernan Cortes

Boutros Boutros-Ghali197th
Boutros Boutros-GhaliPoints: 974 Last Day: +49

6th UN Secretary General

Nationality: Egyptian

English translation: Peter Peter Ghali

Manuel Noriega198th
Manuel NoriegaPoints: 974 Last Day: +70

Former Panamanian General

Propped up by: CIA

Imprisoned in: Miami, FL

OperamanPoints: 974 Last Day: -34

Renowned Opera Singer

Expresses the plight of the common operaman

Side job: Security Guardo at Montgomery Wardo

Boss Tweed200th
Boss TweedPoints: 974 Last Day: +114

Tammany Hall Proprietor

Imprisoned for: Shameless Embezzlement

Estimated amount stolen: $200 million