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The Ranking: 151 - 200
Hernando de Soto151st
Hernando de SotoPoints: 1016 Last Day: -62

Spanish Conquistador

First European to the Mississippi River

Like they wouldn't have found that anyway...

Johnny Depp152nd
Johnny DeppPoints: 1015 Last Day: -9

Mysterious, brooding actor of 21 Jump Street fame

Acadamy Award nominee for portayal of Jack Sparrow

Stirs up carnal feelings in women and men alike

Leif Erikson153rd
Leif EriksonPoints: 1015 Last Day: +48

Icelandic Explorer

Discovery: North America

Leif Erikson Day: October 9th

Jeffrey Lebowski154th
Jeffrey LebowskiPoints: 1015 Last Day: +2

The Dude Abides

Sometimes there's a man...

Recreation: Bowling, acid flashbacks

Baruch de Spinoza155th
Baruch de SpinozaPoints: 1015 Last Day: +6

Dutch Philosopher

Equated God and Nature as the same reality

Famous fans: Albert Einstein; Obi Wan Kenobi

GodPoints: 1012 Last Day: -74

The Man Upstairs

Chairman of the Pearly Gates Condo Board

Smite 'em if you got 'em

Meriweather Lewis157th
Meriweather LewisPoints: 1012 Last Day: -30

Corps of Discovery Leader

Sidekick: William Clark

Cause of Death: Multiple Gunshots

Sir Ernest Shackleton158th
Sir Ernest ShackletonPoints: 1012 Last Day: -28

Antarctic Expeditioner

Vessel: Endurance

Poles encountered: 1

H.L.  Mencken159th
H.L. MenckenPoints: 1010 Last Day: +70

Journalist, Author, Cynic

"The Sage of Baltimore"

Worthy man of ideas and inspirations

John  Adams160th
John AdamsPoints: 1008 Last Day: -28

2nd U.S. President

Self-loathing Federalist

The Colossus of Independence

PopeyePoints: 1007 Last Day: +109

Fictional Sailor Man

Trademark tattoo: Anchor

Tonic: Spinach

Lawrence  Welk162nd
Lawrence WelkPoints: 1006 Last Day: +59

Champaign Music Television Host

Show highlight: Bubble machine

Instrument of choice: Accordion

James E. Carter  Jr.163rd
James E. Carter Jr.Points: 1005 Last Day: +141

39th U.S. President

Known for the historic 1978 Camp David Accords.

The first American president born in a hospital.

Santa Claus164th
Santa ClausPoints: 1004 Last Day: -6

Ol' St. Nick

List check frequency: 2x

Dark secrets: Child labor, voyeurism

QuasimodoPoints: 1003 Last Day: +29

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Enjoys: Bell ringing, not hearing

Should probably see a chiropractor

Brave Sir Robin166th
Brave Sir RobinPoints: 1003 Last Day: +46

Robin the Chicken-Hearted

Steer: Coconut Shells

Capital of Assyria: Unknown

Moby-DickPoints: 1002 Last Day: +16

Great White Whale

Nemesis: Captain Ahab

A metaphor for life, man

ManiclesPoints: 1001 Last Day: -99

Ancient Greek Historian

Coined the term "Manus Crux"

Admired: Jeterius

Cabeza de Vaca169th
Cabeza de VacaPoints: 1001 Last Day: -65

Spanish New World Explorer

Swath scoured: Southwest

Literal translation: Cow's head

Ickle Me170th
Ickle MePoints: 1000 Last Day: -211

The Captain

Conveyance: Flying Shoe

In-flight Meal: Mulligan Stew

Pac  Man171st
Pac ManPoints: 1000 Last Day: +47

Arcade Game Character

Dislikes: Apparitions

Clearly malnourished

Enrico Palazzo172nd
Enrico PalazzoPoints: 999 Last Day: +124

"Hey, it's Enrico Pallazzo!"

Stat: Generic

Location: mancrush.com

QuetzalcoatlPoints: 999 Last Day: +55

Prominent Aztec Deity

Name essence: Bird Serpent

Not to be confused with Hernan Cortes

Ben Franklin174th
Ben FranklinPoints: 998 Last Day: -110

Raconteur, Statesman, Horndog

Diplomat to: France

Kite discovery: Electricity

Old  Ironsides175th
Old IronsidesPoints: 998 Last Day: -90

The USS Constitution

Oldest commissioned ship still in service

Born: Boston, MA - 22 July 1798

The  Hamburglar176th
The HamburglarPoints: 993 Last Day: -103

Steals Hamburgers

In Brazil, Hamburglar is known as the Papaburguer

Only says "Robble, robble, robble"

Mr.  Ed177th
Mr. EdPoints: 992 Last Day: +82

A Horse is a Horse

Of course, of course

He's a friggin talking horse!

Glenn  Frey178th
Glenn FreyPoints: 992 Last Day: -34

The H. is O.

Was so good in Miami Vice, The Eagles, Miami Vice

You eat like that.

NeroPoints: 992 Last Day: +19

Fiery Roman Emperor

Dynasty: Julio-Claudian

Mistake: Fiddling while Rome burned

Pliny the Elder180th
Pliny the ElderPoints: 990 Last Day: -32

Roman Author, Philosopher, and Military Commander

Author of Naturalis Historia

Rescued victims of Mount Vesuvius by sea

Uncle Jesse181st
Uncle JessePoints: 990 Last Day: -35

Role Model

House volume: Full

Intimate with: Aunt Becky

Mr Met182nd
Mr MetPoints: 990 Last Day: -8

Heady Metropolitans Mascot

Age: 43

Sexual preference: Ambiguous

Manwar  Al-Man183rd
Manwar Al-ManPoints: 989 Last Day: -4

Arab Astronomer

Wrote The Manhabbas Verses

Era: Circa 700 CE

Hernan Cortes184th
Hernan CortesPoints: 989 Last Day: -36


Primarily slaughtered: Aztecs

Mujer: La Malinche

Peter  Pan185th
Peter PanPoints: 989 Last Day: -206

Obstinate Man Child

Refused to grow up

Currently CEO Peter Pan Bus Lines, Inc.

El Cid186th
El CidPoints: 988 Last Day: +1

Castillian Hombre

Real name: Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar

Chivalry: Second to none

Leonardo da Vinci187th
Leonardo da VinciPoints: 988 Last Day: +10

Renaissance Man

Notable work: Mona Lisa

Cleverly crafted: Shroud of Turin

Smokey  Bear188th
Smokey BearPoints: 987 Last Day: -38

Concerned Ursine Park Ranger

Age: 62

Cannot prevent forest fires

Samuel  Chase189th
Samuel ChasePoints: 987 Last Day: +11

Signer of the Declaration of Independence

Associate Justice of the Supreme Court

Represented: Maryland

Humpty  Dumpty190th
Humpty DumptyPoints: 987 Last Day: -58

Fictional Egg Man

Sat on a wall

Was let down by all the king's horses and all the king's men

Dick  Fosbury191st
Dick FosburyPoints: 987 Last Day: -26

Renowned Highjumper

Inventor of the Fosbury Flop

1968 Gold Medalist

Sitting Bull192nd
Sitting BullPoints: 985 Last Day: +29

Lakota Sioux Leader

Routed: General Custer

Buried at: Fort Yates

Don Mattingly193rd
Don MattinglyPoints: 984 Last Day: +18

Donnie Baseball

New York, NY

Shel  Silverstein194th
Shel SilversteinPoints: 984 Last Day: +44

Uncle Shelby

Location: Where the Sidewalk Ends

Best Song: A Boy Named Sue

Alexander the Great195th
Alexander the GreatPoints: 983 Last Day: +12

Macedonian Conqueror

Reign: 336-326 BC

Ways swung: Both

BanacekPoints: 981 Last Day: -69

Fictional 70's Detective

Relies on: Polish proverbs

Seasons: 4

John  Malkovich197th
John MalkovichPoints: 980 Last Day: +19

Malkovich Malkovich

Malkovich: Malkovich

Malkovich, Malkovich Malkovich?

Piet  Mondrian198th
Piet MondrianPoints: 980 Last Day: +23

Dutch Painter

Movement: De Stijl

Possibly guilty of being a square

BarbaroPoints: 977 Last Day: -16

Former Kentucky Derby Champion

Born and raised in Philadelphia, PA

More likely to become an adhesive than race again

Paul  the Octopus200th
Paul the OctopusPoints: 976 Last Day: +14

Clairvoyant World Cup Star

AKA: El Pulpo Paul

Record: 8-0