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Millard  Fillmore Genghis Khan
The Ranking: 101 - 150
Muhammad Ali101st
Muhammad AliPoints: 1048 Last Day: -33

The Greatest of All-Time

KOs: 37

Birth name: Cassius Clay

David Foster Wallace102nd
David Foster WallacePoints: 1048 Last Day: +153

American novelist, essayist

Considers: Lobsters

Secret Identity: Math Weenie

ArchimedesPoints: 1047 Last Day: -21

Greek Mathematician


Notable invention: Archimedes' Screw

The King104th
The KingPoints: 1047 Last Day: -63

Slow Moving Check Avoider

Secret Power: Castling

Dirty Secret: Prefers Checkers

CopernicusPoints: 1046 Last Day: -104


Theory: Heliocentricity

Drank from: The vessel that stank

BanacekPoints: 1044 Last Day: +36

Fictional 70's Detective

Relies on: Polish proverbs

Seasons: 4

OdysseusPoints: 1043 Last Day: -25

Greek Champion

Adventure: Epic

Vice: Lotus

White  Spy108th
White SpyPoints: 1043 Last Day: +7

Fictional Undercover Operative

Master of the art of surreptitiousness

Chicanery matched only by the Black Spy

John  Jay109th
John JayPoints: 1042 Last Day: +58

American Politician, Founding Father

First Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

Hometown: New York, NY

NostradamusPoints: 1042 Last Day: -8


Quatrains: 941

Prophecies: WWII, 9/11

Samuel  Chase111st
Samuel ChasePoints: 1041 Last Day: -25

Signer of the Declaration of Independence

Associate Justice of the Supreme Court

Represented: Maryland

Geoffrey  Chaucer112nd
Geoffrey ChaucerPoints: 1041 Last Day: -42

The Father of English Literature

Traveled with people of dubious moral character

Hobby: Giving baths to wives

Glenn  Frey113rd
Glenn FreyPoints: 1041 Last Day: -10

The H. is O.

Was so good in Miami Vice, The Eagles, Miami Vice

You eat like that.

Lucky  Jim114th
Lucky JimPoints: 1041 Last Day: -19

Everyman Hero

Skill: Funny Faces

Battles: Merrie England, Drink

PythagorasPoints: 1039 Last Day: -25

The Father of Numbers

Ionian Mathematician and Philosopher

Best known theorem: Pythagorean

Jean-Jacques  Rousseau116th
Jean-Jacques RousseauPoints: 1039 Last Day: +97

Enlightenment Philosopher

Didn't do anything of note till age 40

His ideas are Rousseau hot right now

William Butler Yeats117th
William Butler YeatsPoints: 1038 Last Day: -24

Twentieth Century Poet

Penchant for the occult. Lovely tower property.

"But one man loved the pilgrim soul in you."

The  Old Man of the Mountain118th
The Old Man of the MountainPoints: 1037 Last Day: +24

Naturally-Chiseled Granite Visage

Location: The Granite State

R.I.P. May 3, 2003

BacchusPoints: 1035 Last Day: -24

God of Wine

Represented the benefits of intoxication

Greek name: Dionysus

Particle Man120th
Particle ManPoints: 1034 Last Day: -17

Doing the Things a Particle Can

What's He Like: Not Important

Forms: Dot & Speck

Richard P Feynman121st
Richard P FeynmanPoints: 1033 Last Day: -111

Curious Character

Nobel Prizes: 1

Location: Uncertain

LucretiusPoints: 1033 Last Day: +21

Roman Poet and Philosopher

Wrote De Rerum Natura

Possibly the world's first atheist

The Marlboro Man123rd
The Marlboro ManPoints: 1033 Last Day: -37

Cancerous Character

Enjoys: One good spliff

Smoke 'em if you got 'em

Marco Polo124th
Marco PoloPoints: 1030 Last Day: -34

Venetian Explorer

Inventor of modern swimming pool game

Embellished tales: Nearly all

Pliny the Elder125th
Pliny the ElderPoints: 1029 Last Day: +24

Roman Author, Philosopher, and Military Commander

Author of Naturalis Historia

Rescued victims of Mount Vesuvius by sea

Barry Manilow126th
Barry ManilowPoints: 1029 Last Day: +15

American Singer/Songwriter

Passes time: At the Copa, Copacabana

True moniker: Barry Alan Pincus

Santa Claus127th
Santa ClausPoints: 1028 Last Day: +2

Ol' St. Nick

List check frequency: 2x

Dark secrets: Child labor, voyeurism

Smokey  Bear128th
Smokey BearPoints: 1027 Last Day: +2

Concerned Ursine Park Ranger

Age: 62

Cannot prevent forest fires

Millard  Fillmore129th
Millard FillmorePoints: 1027 Last Day: -71

13th U.S. President

Last Whig President

Highlight: The Compromise of 1850

AugustusPoints: 1026 Last Day: -4

First emperor of the Roman Empire

Ruled from 27 BC to 14 AD

Namesake for the month of August

Archie Goodwin131st
Archie GoodwinPoints: 1026 Last Day: -16

Detective, Nero Wolfe's Right Hand Man

Job: Note Taker, Heart Breaker

Oddity: Prefers Milk to Bourbon

BlackbeardPoints: 1025 Last Day: +55

18th century English Pirate

Vessel: Queen Anne's Revenge

Booty accumulated: Much

Alex Trebek133rd
Alex TrebekPoints: 1025 Last Day: +10

I'm sorry, WHAT IS mancrush.com?

Compelling in-game interviews: None

Belittling retorts: 3,978

Thomas Jefferson134th
Thomas JeffersonPoints: 1024 Last Day: -137

3rd U.S President

Dreams: Agrarian State

Best purchase: Louisiana

Bill Clinton135th
Bill ClintonPoints: 1021 Last Day: +2

42nd U.S. President

Lewd Acts: 17

New York, NY

GodzillaPoints: 1021 Last Day: +93

King of the Monsters

Preferred havoc locale: Tokyo

Japanese translation: Gorilla-Whale

Stephen Hawking137th
Stephen HawkingPoints: 1021 Last Day: -39


Gave a Brief History of Time

Postulated the idea of Hawking Radiation

HerculesPoints: 1019 Last Day: +23

Mythical Roman Stud

Labors: 12

Father: Zeus

Antoine  Lavoisier139th
Antoine LavoisierPoints: 1019 Last Day: -3

Father of Modern Chemistry

Discoveries: Many

Death: Guillotined during French Revolution

ManiclesPoints: 1018 Last Day: +6

Ancient Greek Historian

Coined the term "Manus Crux"

Admired: Jeterius

Humpty  Dumpty141st
Humpty DumptyPoints: 1015 Last Day: +40

Fictional Egg Man

Sat on a wall

Was let down by all the king's horses and all the king's men

Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer142nd
Unfrozen Caveman LawyerPoints: 1015 Last Day: +41

Prehistoric Legal Counsel

Is often frightened and confused

"There is one thing I DO know..."

GalileoPoints: 1014 Last Day: -108

Italian Astronomer

Best known as: Father of Science

Discredited: Geocentricity

Christopher Columbus144th
Christopher ColumbusPoints: 1013 Last Day: -29

Supposed New World Discoverer

Ushered in an era of oppression

Thought he was in: India

ETPoints: 1013 Last Day: -41

The Extra-Terrestrial

Touch: Sensuous

Phone bill: Exorbitant

OrionPoints: 1013 Last Day: +49

The Hunter

Belt names: Saucepan, Magi, Three Kings

Still hunting Taurus after 1.5 million years

Baruch de Spinoza147th
Baruch de SpinozaPoints: 1013 Last Day: +6

Dutch Philosopher

Equated God and Nature as the same reality

Famous fans: Albert Einstein; Obi Wan Kenobi

Robert  Goulet148th
Robert GouletPoints: 1012 Last Day: +30

Professionally Trained Voice Man

Doesn't care if he's Mr. Notorious Big.

Location: Somewhere in the mountains

Colonel  Mustard149th
Colonel MustardPoints: 1012 Last Day: +10

Held major commands in the WWI and Africa

Accused of profiteering, and the murder of Mr Body

Last seen in the library with a candlestick

CiceroPoints: 1011 Last Day: -45

Ancient Latin Orator

Name meaning: Chickpea

Nemesis: Marc Antony