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Genghis Khan Hans Moleman
The Ranking: 101 - 150
TutankhamunPoints: 1048 Last Day: +41

King Tut

Dynasty: 18th

Reign: 1333 BC- 1324 BC

HammurabiPoints: 1047 Last Day: -1

Babylonian King

Penal codes: 1

Babylon, Mesopotamia

SocratesPoints: 1047 Last Day: -38

Ancient Greek Philosopher

Found guilty of corrupting the youth of Athens

Sentenced to death by drinking Hemlock

HangmanPoints: 1046 Last Day: +41

Condemned Game Character

Pleads for: E or U

Prognosis: F_CK_D

John Quincy Adams105th
John Quincy AdamsPoints: 1045 Last Day: -88

6th U.S. President

Formulated the Monroe Doctrine

Molded Henry Clay into his Secretary of State

QuasimodoPoints: 1045 Last Day: +23

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Enjoys: Bell ringing, not hearing

Should probably see a chiropractor

General Tso107th
General TsoPoints: 1045 Last Day: +12

1800s Chinese Military Leader

Best known for: General Tso's Chicken

Given name: Zuo Zongtang

Meriweather Lewis108th
Meriweather LewisPoints: 1042 Last Day: +14

Corps of Discovery Leader

Sidekick: William Clark

Cause of Death: Multiple Gunshots

Ulysses S. Grant109th
Ulysses S. GrantPoints: 1040 Last Day: +32

18th U.S. President

General-in-Chief Union Army

Esteemed and Conquered Foe: Robert E. Lee

Henry Hudson110th
Henry HudsonPoints: 1039 Last Day: -37

English Explorer

Ship: Half Moon

Claimed: Hudson Bay, Hudson River

Vitruvian  Man111st
Vitruvian ManPoints: 1039 Last Day: +8

World renowned drawing by Leonardo da Vinci

Study of the proportions of the (male) human bod

On display at Gallerie dell Accademia in Venice

Peter  Pan112nd
Peter PanPoints: 1039 Last Day: +5

Obstinate Man Child

Refused to grow up

Currently CEO Peter Pan Bus Lines, Inc.

GodzillaPoints: 1038 Last Day: +17

King of the Monsters

Preferred havoc locale: Tokyo

Japanese translation: Gorilla-Whale

Attila the Hun114th
Attila the HunPoints: 1038 Last Day: +120

King of the Huns

Primary foe: Roman Empire

Reputation: Subjective

Yo-Yo Ma115th
Yo-Yo MaPoints: 1038 Last Day: -59

Renowned Cellist

Heritage: French/Chinese

Grammys: 15

Moby-DickPoints: 1038 Last Day: +42

Great White Whale

Nemesis: Captain Ahab

A metaphor for life, man

Alexander Hamilton117th
Alexander HamiltonPoints: 1037 Last Day: -37

First U.S. Secretary of the Treasury

Advocated: Assumption of State debts

Outdueled by: Aaron Burr

Sun  Tzu118th
Sun TzuPoints: 1037 Last Day: +35

Chinese Military Strategist

Author of The Art of War

Translation: "Master Sun"

Mr  Potato Head119th
Mr Potato HeadPoints: 1036 Last Day: +79

Uber Tuber

Shaves faster than any man

Gets a little spud for Mrs. Potato Head

QuetzalcoatlPoints: 1036 Last Day: +32

Prominent Aztec Deity

Name essence: Bird Serpent

Not to be confused with Hernan Cortes

Humpty  Dumpty121st
Humpty DumptyPoints: 1034 Last Day: -10

Fictional Egg Man

Sat on a wall

Was let down by all the king's horses and all the king's men

PlatoPoints: 1034 Last Day: -53

Ancient Greek Philosopher, Mathematician

Among Philosophical founders of Western Culture

Student of Socrates

VoltairePoints: 1033 Last Day: +14

French Writer & Philosopher

Age: Enlightenment

True name: Francois-Marie Arouet

The  Old Man of the Mountain124th
The Old Man of the MountainPoints: 1032 Last Day: -17

Naturally-Chiseled Granite Visage

Location: The Granite State

R.I.P. May 3, 2003

Brave Sir Robin125th
Brave Sir RobinPoints: 1032 Last Day: -78

Robin the Chicken-Hearted

Steer: Coconut Shells

Capital of Assyria: Unknown

OdysseusPoints: 1031 Last Day: -25

Greek Champion

Adventure: Epic

Vice: Lotus

Niccolo  Machiavelli127th
Niccolo MachiavelliPoints: 1030 Last Day: -26

Philosopher and Poet

Author of "The Prince"

The end justifies the means?

MichelangeloPoints: 1030 Last Day: -3

Renaissance Man

Finest opus: Sistine Chapel

Had a refined terribilita

ConfuciusPoints: 1029 Last Day: -55

Chinese Philosopher

Man who eat crackers in bed wake up feeling crummy

Man who run behind bus get exhausted

Vasco da Gama130th
Vasco da GamaPoints: 1029 Last Day: +40

Portuguese Navigator

Route chartered: Europe to India

Craft: Sao Gabriel

Uncle Jesse131st
Uncle JessePoints: 1029 Last Day: +40

Role Model

House volume: Full

Intimate with: Aunt Becky

Julius Caesar132nd
Julius CaesarPoints: 1028 Last Day: +36

Ambitious Roman

Back-Stabbing Friends: 1

Rome, circa 75 BC

William Butler Yeats133rd
William Butler YeatsPoints: 1028 Last Day: -54

Twentieth Century Poet

Penchant for the occult. Lovely tower property.

"But one man loved the pilgrim soul in you."

HippocratesPoints: 1027 Last Day: -5

The Father of Medicine

Founded the Hippocratic School of Medicine

Rejected the divine origin

BacchusPoints: 1026 Last Day: +63

God of Wine

Represented the benefits of intoxication

Greek name: Dionysus

  Francis of Assisi136th
Francis of AssisiPoints: 1026 Last Day: -48

Rebuilt the Church...without going to Home Depot

Stigmata. 'Nuf said.

Keeping it simple since 1209

The  Hamburglar137th
The HamburglarPoints: 1026 Last Day: +61

Steals Hamburgers

In Brazil, Hamburglar is known as the Papaburguer

Only says "Robble, robble, robble"

Robert H Goddard138th
Robert H GoddardPoints: 1025 Last Day: -45


First launch: March 16, 1926

Patents: 214

Marco Polo139th
Marco PoloPoints: 1025 Last Day: -34

Venetian Explorer

Inventor of modern swimming pool game

Embellished tales: Nearly all

RomulusPoints: 1025 Last Day: +23

Mythical Founder of Rome

Sustenance: She-wolf succoring

Overshadowed: Remus

Dick  Fosbury141st
Dick FosburyPoints: 1024 Last Day: +19

Renowned Highjumper

Inventor of the Fosbury Flop

1968 Gold Medalist

BatmanPoints: 1022 Last Day: -47


Secret identity: Bruce Wayne

Whip: Batmobile

CiceroPoints: 1020 Last Day: -19

Ancient Latin Orator

Name meaning: Chickpea

Nemesis: Marc Antony

White  Spy144th
White SpyPoints: 1020 Last Day: +8

Fictional Undercover Operative

Master of the art of surreptitiousness

Chicanery matched only by the Black Spy

Abominable  Snow Monster145th
Abominable Snow MonsterPoints: 1019 Last Day: -15

Slow-witted Yeti

AKA: Bumble

Least Favorite Movie: An Inconvenient Truth

Cabeza de Vaca146th
Cabeza de VacaPoints: 1018 Last Day: -36

Spanish New World Explorer

Swath scoured: Southwest

Literal translation: Cow's head

Count  von Count147th
Count von CountPoints: 1018 Last Day: +135

Obsessive-Compulsive Arithmomaniac

Resides: Sesame Street

When he's alone, he counts himself.

Johnny Depp148th
Johnny DeppPoints: 1014 Last Day: -25

Mysterious, brooding actor of 21 Jump Street fame

Acadamy Award nominee for portayal of Jack Sparrow

Stirs up carnal feelings in women and men alike

Merv Griffin149th
Merv GriffinPoints: 1014 Last Day: -106


Has a lovely bunch of coconuts

Location: mancrush.com

PinocchioPoints: 1014 Last Day: -17

Fictional Fibber

Desire: Real boyhood

Manhandler: Gepetto