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Robert  Goulet Salman Rushdie
The Ranking: 101 - 150
Marlon Brando101st
Marlon BrandoPoints: 1053 Last Day: -8

20th century's Finest Actor

Popularized: Stanislavski System

Seminal work: The Godfather

Sitting Bull102nd
Sitting BullPoints: 1053 Last Day: +79

Lakota Sioux Leader

Routed: General Custer

Buried at: Fort Yates

Ulysses S. Grant103rd
Ulysses S. GrantPoints: 1052 Last Day: +42

18th U.S. President

General-in-Chief Union Army

Esteemed and Conquered Foe: Robert E. Lee

Bob Uecker104th
Bob UeckerPoints: 1052 Last Day: +76

Mr. Baseball

Position: Catcher

Location: Jusssssst a bit outside

Pablo  Neruda105th
Pablo NerudaPoints: 1050 Last Day: +3

Chilean Writer and Poet

Political views: Communist

Cuanto vive el hombre, por fin?

Saint  Patrick106th
Saint PatrickPoints: 1049 Last Day: +108

Christian Missionary

Patron Saint of Ireland and Nigeria

Drafter of Ireland's Zero Tolerance Snake Law

James Polk107th
James PolkPoints: 1049 Last Day: -26

11th U.S. President

Party: Democratic

Campaign slogan: Fifty-Four Forty or Fight!

Martin  Van Buren108th
Martin Van BurenPoints: 1046 Last Day: +13

8th U.S. President

Nickname: Old Kinderhook

Only President with English as his second language

Julius Caesar109th
Julius CaesarPoints: 1045 Last Day: +19

Ambitious Roman

Back-Stabbing Friends: 1

Rome, circa 75 BC

Manwar  Al-Man110th
Manwar Al-ManPoints: 1044 Last Day: +66

Arab Astronomer

Wrote The Manhabbas Verses

Era: Circa 700 CE

Gian Lorenzo Bernini111st
Gian Lorenzo BerniniPoints: 1044 Last Day: -26

Baroque Sculptor and Architect

Rival: Francesco Borromini

Revolution: Ecstasy of St. Theresa

Thomas the Tank Engine112nd
Thomas the Tank EnginePoints: 1044 Last Day: +165

Anthropomorphic Steam Engine

Resides: Island of Sodor

Seasons: 10

William Henry Harrison113rd
William Henry HarrisonPoints: 1043 Last Day: +31

9th U.S. President

Shortest Presidential Term in US History: 31 Days!

Mancrush-Worthy Nickname: Tippecanoe

Millard  Fillmore114th
Millard FillmorePoints: 1041 Last Day: -30

13th U.S. President

Last Whig President

Highlight: The Compromise of 1850

Robin  Hood115th
Robin HoodPoints: 1041 Last Day: -16

Man in Tights

Residence: Sherwood Forest

Posse: The Merry Men

MichelangeloPoints: 1041 Last Day: -141

Renaissance Man

Finest opus: Sistine Chapel

Had a refined terribilita

Yo-Yo Ma117th
Yo-Yo MaPoints: 1039 Last Day: +52

Renowned Cellist

Heritage: French/Chinese

Grammys: 15

The  Old Man of the Mountain118th
The Old Man of the MountainPoints: 1039 Last Day: +54

Naturally-Chiseled Granite Visage

Location: The Granite State

R.I.P. May 3, 2003

Aaron  Burr119th
Aaron BurrPoints: 1037 Last Day: +90

American Politician

3rd Vice President of the United States

Outdueled Alexander Hamilton

HippocratesPoints: 1037 Last Day: -46

The Father of Medicine

Founded the Hippocratic School of Medicine

Rejected the divine origin

John  Tyler121st
John TylerPoints: 1037 Last Day: +77

10th U.S. President

Nickname: His Accidency

Notable accomplishment: Annexation of Texas

Hernan Cortes122nd
Hernan CortesPoints: 1036 Last Day: +46


Primarily slaughtered: Aztecs

Mujer: La Malinche

CiceroPoints: 1035 Last Day: +7

Ancient Latin Orator

Name meaning: Chickpea

Nemesis: Marc Antony

The Wandering Jew124th
The Wandering JewPoints: 1034 Last Day: +142

Mythical Heckler

Mistake: Taunting Crucifixion-bound Jesus

Just deserts: Perpetual perambulation

Nikola  Tesla125th
Nikola TeslaPoints: 1034 Last Day: -57

Serbian Inventor

Patron Saint of Modern Electricity

"The man who invented the twentieth century"

Earl of Sandwich126th
Earl of SandwichPoints: 1033 Last Day: +33

Prominant Statesman, Admiral, and Snacker

Nickname: Homeslice

Cutlery used: None

SupermanPoints: 1033 Last Day: +81

The Man of Steel

Alternate occupation: Reporter

Favored heroin: Lois Lane

BatmanPoints: 1032 Last Day: +45


Secret identity: Bruce Wayne

Whip: Batmobile

Gerard  Depardieu129th
Gerard DepardieuPoints: 1031 Last Day: +37

Award Winning French Actor

Favorite actor of Fidel Castro

Memorable Films: Man in the Iron Mask

Robert H Goddard130th
Robert H GoddardPoints: 1028 Last Day: -26


First launch: March 16, 1926

Patents: 214

Niccolo  Machiavelli131st
Niccolo MachiavelliPoints: 1028 Last Day: -36

Philosopher and Poet

Author of "The Prince"

The end justifies the means?

Merv Griffin132nd
Merv GriffinPoints: 1027 Last Day: +50


Has a lovely bunch of coconuts

Location: mancrush.com

John Ritter133rd
John RitterPoints: 1027 Last Day: +95

Three's Company

Middle name: Southworth

Last film: Bad Santa

Frederick  Douglass134th
Frederick DouglassPoints: 1026 Last Day: +202

The Sage of Anacostia

Abolitionist, author, orator, statesman

Inspiring tale of perseverance

ArchimedesPoints: 1025 Last Day: -42

Greek Mathematician


Notable invention: Archimedes' Screw

Bob Marley136th
Bob MarleyPoints: 1025 Last Day: +75

Poet & Prophet

White college kids inspired: 235,711

February 6, 1945 - May 11, 1981

Yuri  Gagarin137th
Yuri GagarinPoints: 1023 Last Day: +17

#1 Cosmonaut

First man in space

Truly went where no man had gone before

Salman Rushdie138th
Salman RushdiePoints: 1023 Last Day: +41

Controversial Essayist

Work in question: The Satanic Verses

Alias: Sal Bass

Sun  Tzu139th
Sun TzuPoints: 1023 Last Day: +11

Chinese Military Strategist

Author of The Art of War

Translation: "Master Sun"

The King140th
The KingPoints: 1022 Last Day: -98

Slow Moving Check Avoider

Secret Power: Castling

Dirty Secret: Prefers Checkers

John  Jay141st
John JayPoints: 1021 Last Day: -17

American Politician, Founding Father

First Chief Justice of the Supreme Court

Hometown: New York, NY

Sir Ernest Shackleton142nd
Sir Ernest ShackletonPoints: 1020 Last Day: -7

Antarctic Expeditioner

Vessel: Endurance

Poles encountered: 1

Spider-ManPoints: 1020 Last Day: +9

Arachnidian Superhero

Spider-sense: Acute

Real name: Peter Parker

TorquemadaPoints: 1019 Last Day: +51

Spanish Inquisitor

Idea of a good time: Coerced confessions

Dark secret: Jewish ancestry

VoltairePoints: 1019 Last Day: -38

French Writer & Philosopher

Age: Enlightenment

True name: Francois-Marie Arouet

Particle Man146th
Particle ManPoints: 1018 Last Day: +0

Doing the Things a Particle Can

What's He Like: Not Important

Forms: Dot & Speck

Black  Spy147th
Black SpyPoints: 1015 Last Day: +67

Fictional Undercover Operative

Master of the art of subterfuge

Guile matched only by the White Spy

Jesus Christ148th
Jesus ChristPoints: 1012 Last Day: -120

Our Lord and Savior

Miracles: 12,875 and counting


Vasco da Gama149th
Vasco da GamaPoints: 1009 Last Day: -65

Portuguese Navigator

Route chartered: Europe to India

Craft: Sao Gabriel

Piet  Mondrian150th
Piet MondrianPoints: 1009 Last Day: -12

Dutch Painter

Movement: De Stijl

Possibly guilty of being a square