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The Ranking: 1 - 50
Mark  Twain1st
Mark TwainPoints: 1225 Last Day: +40

American Author

Real name: Samuel Clemens

Hobby: Writing banned books

G.I.  Joe2nd
G.I. JoePoints: 1176 Last Day: +100

A Real American Hero

Headquarters: The Pit

Nemesis: COBRA

Ferdinand Magellan3rd
Ferdinand MagellanPoints: 1174 Last Day: +69


Voyages: 5

Felled by: Filipino Natives

ZeusPoints: 1172 Last Day: +52

King of the Gods

Favorite Weapon: Lightening Bolt

Favorite Hobby: Philanderering

John F Kennedy5th
John F KennedyPoints: 1156 Last Day: +79

35th U.S. President

Statesman and Playboy

Fiasco: Bay of Pigs

Richard P Feynman6th
Richard P FeynmanPoints: 1150 Last Day: +110

Curious Character

Nobel Prizes: 1

Location: Uncertain

Mr. Toad7th
Mr. ToadPoints: 1145 Last Day: +5

Anthropomorphic Common Toad

Eponymous Adventure: Mr. Toad's Wild Ride

Residence: Toad Hall

Jesus Christ8th
Jesus ChristPoints: 1144 Last Day: +67

Our Lord and Savior

Miracles: 12,875 and counting


Ponce de Leon9th
Ponce de LeonPoints: 1136 Last Day: +124

Fountain Pursuer

Area explored: Florida

Truly sought: Gold

Edward Jenner10th
Edward JennerPoints: 1134 Last Day: -40

Pioneer of Immunization

Lives Saved: Innumerable

Principle Foe: Small Pox

William Butler Yeats11th
William Butler YeatsPoints: 1130 Last Day: +42

Twentieth Century Poet

Penchant for the occult. Lovely tower property.

"But one man loved the pilgrim soul in you."

CopernicusPoints: 1127 Last Day: +60


Theory: Heliocentricity

Drank from: The vessel that stank

Grocer Cat13th
Grocer CatPoints: 1127 Last Day: -2

Feline Shopkeeper

Home: Busytown

Progeny: Huckle Cat

Abraham Lincoln14th
Abraham LincolnPoints: 1125 Last Day: +57

16th U.S. President

Personal Demons: Many

Fateful show: Our American Cousin

OvidPoints: 1122 Last Day: +6

Roman Poet

Full name: Publius Ovidius Naso

Dactylic hexameric work: Metamorphoses

Albert Einstein16th
Albert EinsteinPoints: 1120 Last Day: +100


Indispensible theory: Relativity

Regret: Atom bomb advocacy

AesopPoints: 1119 Last Day: +75

Fabled Fabler

Animal Allegory Animal

Lost Fable: Acidophylous and the Timid Tapeworm

BabarPoints: 1119 Last Day: +124

King of the Elephants

Home: Celesteville

Suit: Kelly Green

MichelangeloPoints: 1118 Last Day: +36

Renaissance Man

Finest opus: Sistine Chapel

Had a refined terribilita

Isaac Newton20th
Isaac NewtonPoints: 1117 Last Day: +8

Brilliant Brit

Laws of motion: 3

Locks: Flowing

Nikola  Tesla21st
Nikola TeslaPoints: 1117 Last Day: +16

Serbian Inventor

Patron Saint of Modern Electricity

"The man who invented the twentieth century"

Ernest Hemingway22nd
Ernest HemingwayPoints: 1114 Last Day: -9

American Literary Icon

Nickname: Papa

Accusations: Misogyny, Anti-Semitism

OdysseusPoints: 1114 Last Day: -8

Greek Champion

Adventure: Epic

Vice: Lotus

The King24th
The KingPoints: 1113 Last Day: +24

Slow Moving Check Avoider

Secret Power: Castling

Dirty Secret: Prefers Checkers

Uncle  Sam25th
Uncle SamPoints: 1111 Last Day: +46

Personification of the U.S.A

Wants YOU to join the U.S. Army

Is actually Canadian

Thomas Jefferson26th
Thomas JeffersonPoints: 1109 Last Day: -44

3rd U.S President

Dreams: Agrarian State

Best purchase: Louisiana

Fyodor Dostoevsky27th
Fyodor DostoevskyPoints: 1108 Last Day: +72

Russian Writer

Vices: Gambling, booze

Seminal work: Crime and Punishment

Michel de Montaigne28th
Michel de MontaignePoints: 1107 Last Day: +7

16th Century Essayist

Motto: What do I know?

What he Knows: Philosophy, Statecraft

Vincent  van Gogh29th
Vincent van GoghPoints: 1107 Last Day: -29

Dutch Post-Impressionist Artist

Only painted for 11 years

Most famous work: Starry Night

Alexander Hamilton30th
Alexander HamiltonPoints: 1106 Last Day: +5

First U.S. Secretary of the Treasury

Advocated: Assumption of State debts

Outdueled by: Aaron Burr

Lawrence of Arabia31st
Lawrence of ArabiaPoints: 1105 Last Day: -8

Lieutenant-Colonel T.E. Lawrence

Autobiography: Seven Pillars of Wisdom

Nationality: Scottish

H.L.  Mencken32nd
H.L. MenckenPoints: 1105 Last Day: +55

Journalist, Author, Cynic

"The Sage of Baltimore"

Worthy man of ideas and inspirations

Classic Lego Spaceman33rd
Classic Lego SpacemanPoints: 1105 Last Day: +23

Lunar Scout Pilot

Father: Ole Kirk Christiansen

Smile: Eternal

Colossus of Rhodes34th
Colossus of RhodesPoints: 1104 Last Day: +33

Statuesque Wonder of the Ancient World

280 BC - 226 BC

Height: 70 Cubits

Ickle Me35th
Ickle MePoints: 1104 Last Day: +9

The Captain

Conveyance: Flying Shoe

In-flight Meal: Mulligan Stew

OsirisPoints: 1104 Last Day: +16

Lord of the Dead and Rebirth

Wrap: Mummy

Accessories: Crook and Flail

James Madison37th
James MadisonPoints: 1100 Last Day: +19

4th U.S. President

Father of the Constitution

Blunder: War of 1812

Marlon Brando38th
Marlon BrandoPoints: 1099 Last Day: +20

20th century's Finest Actor

Popularized: Stanislavski System

Seminal work: The Godfather

David  Livingstone39th
David LivingstonePoints: 1097 Last Day: -79

Scottish Missionary and Explorer

First European to Victoria Falls

Dr. Livingstone, I presume?

Enrico Fermi40th
Enrico FermiPoints: 1096 Last Day: +60

Italian Physicist

Father of the Atom Bomb

Nobel Prizes: 1

VoltairePoints: 1096 Last Day: -42

French Writer & Philosopher

Age: Enlightenment

True name: Francois-Marie Arouet

Stephen Hawking42nd
Stephen HawkingPoints: 1094 Last Day: +75


Gave a Brief History of Time

Postulated the idea of Hawking Radiation

Particle Man43rd
Particle ManPoints: 1094 Last Day: +61

Doing the Things a Particle Can

What's He Like: Not Important

Forms: Dot & Speck

Nelson Mandela44th
Nelson MandelaPoints: 1093 Last Day: -23

First elected leader of South Africa

Pre-Presidency prison term: 27 years

Also known as: Madiba

SocratesPoints: 1093 Last Day: +59

Ancient Greek Philosopher

Found guilty of corrupting the youth of Athens

Sentenced to death by drinking Hemlock

Christopher Columbus46th
Christopher ColumbusPoints: 1092 Last Day: +5

Supposed New World Discoverer

Ushered in an era of oppression

Thought he was in: India

Marco Polo47th
Marco PoloPoints: 1092 Last Day: +16

Venetian Explorer

Inventor of modern swimming pool game

Embellished tales: Nearly all

The Owl48th
The OwlPoints: 1092 Last Day: +49

Elegant Fowl

Last Seen: Land of the Bong-Tree

Favorite Utensil: Runcible Spoon

HerodotusPoints: 1089 Last Day: +92

The Father of History

Alternate moniker: The Father of Lies

Exclusively known for 'The Histories'

Robin  Hood50th
Robin HoodPoints: 1086 Last Day: +53

Man in Tights

Residence: Sherwood Forest

Posse: The Merry Men