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Ghost  Man Pope  Clement V
The Ranking: 1 - 50
Mr. Toad1st
Mr. ToadPoints: 1225 Last Day: +90

Anthropomorphic Common Toad

Eponymous Adventure: Mr. Toad's Wild Ride

Residence: Toad Hall

William Butler Yeats2nd
William Butler YeatsPoints: 1169 Last Day: +32

Twentieth Century Poet

Penchant for the occult. Lovely tower property.

"But one man loved the pilgrim soul in you."

Edward Jenner3rd
Edward JennerPoints: 1167 Last Day: +112

Pioneer of Immunization

Lives Saved: Innumerable

Principle Foe: Small Pox

Robin  Hood4th
Robin HoodPoints: 1162 Last Day: +75

Man in Tights

Residence: Sherwood Forest

Posse: The Merry Men

BabarPoints: 1150 Last Day: +59

King of the Elephants

Home: Celesteville

Suit: Kelly Green

  Francis of Assisi6th
Francis of AssisiPoints: 1146 Last Day: +31

Rebuilt the Church...without going to Home Depot

Stigmata. 'Nuf said.

Keeping it simple since 1209

Andrew  Jackson7th
Andrew JacksonPoints: 1141 Last Day: +88

7th U.S. President

Old Hickory

Bill depiction: $20

David  Livingstone8th
David LivingstonePoints: 1135 Last Day: +62

Scottish Missionary and Explorer

First European to Victoria Falls

Dr. Livingstone, I presume?

ZeusPoints: 1134 Last Day: -10

King of the Gods

Favorite Weapon: Lightening Bolt

Favorite Hobby: Philanderering

Antoine  Lavoisier10th
Antoine LavoisierPoints: 1131 Last Day: +72

Father of Modern Chemistry

Discoveries: Many

Death: Guillotined during French Revolution

Louis Pasteur11th
Louis PasteurPoints: 1130 Last Day: +29


First vaccine: Rabies

Favorite drink: Milk

Christopher Columbus12th
Christopher ColumbusPoints: 1129 Last Day: -17

Supposed New World Discoverer

Ushered in an era of oppression

Thought he was in: India

Colossus of Rhodes13th
Colossus of RhodesPoints: 1127 Last Day: +39

Statuesque Wonder of the Ancient World

280 BC - 226 BC

Height: 70 Cubits

Gerard  Depardieu14th
Gerard DepardieuPoints: 1123 Last Day: +174

Award Winning French Actor

Favorite actor of Fidel Castro

Memorable Films: Man in the Iron Mask

Isaac Newton15th
Isaac NewtonPoints: 1123 Last Day: +35

Brilliant Brit

Laws of motion: 3

Locks: Flowing

Richard M. Nixon16th
Richard M. NixonPoints: 1123 Last Day: +79

37th U.S. President

Only President to resign from office

Brought down by the Watergate scandal

George Washington17th
George WashingtonPoints: 1123 Last Day: +22

1st President of the United States

War inadvertantly started: French & Indian

War inadvertantly won: American Revolution

SocratesPoints: 1122 Last Day: +91

Ancient Greek Philosopher

Found guilty of corrupting the youth of Athens

Sentenced to death by drinking Hemlock

OdysseusPoints: 1120 Last Day: +15

Greek Champion

Adventure: Epic

Vice: Lotus

Nikola  Tesla20th
Nikola TeslaPoints: 1120 Last Day: +45

Serbian Inventor

Patron Saint of Modern Electricity

"The man who invented the twentieth century"

The Owl21st
The OwlPoints: 1120 Last Day: +19

Elegant Fowl

Last Seen: Land of the Bong-Tree

Favorite Utensil: Runcible Spoon

Alex Trebek22nd
Alex TrebekPoints: 1117 Last Day: +83

I'm sorry, WHAT IS mancrush.com?

Compelling in-game interviews: None

Belittling retorts: 3,978

John  Adams23rd
John AdamsPoints: 1116 Last Day: +0

2nd U.S. President

Self-loathing Federalist

The Colossus of Independence

GalileoPoints: 1114 Last Day: +36

Italian Astronomer

Best known as: Father of Science

Discredited: Geocentricity

Marlon Brando25th
Marlon BrandoPoints: 1113 Last Day: -4

20th century's Finest Actor

Popularized: Stanislavski System

Seminal work: The Godfather

Michel de Montaigne26th
Michel de MontaignePoints: 1111 Last Day: +22

16th Century Essayist

Motto: What do I know?

What he Knows: Philosophy, Statecraft

Muhammad Ali27th
Muhammad AliPoints: 1110 Last Day: +62

The Greatest of All-Time

KOs: 37

Birth name: Cassius Clay

John F Kennedy28th
John F KennedyPoints: 1110 Last Day: -9

35th U.S. President

Statesman and Playboy

Fiasco: Bay of Pigs

The King29th
The KingPoints: 1109 Last Day: +41

Slow Moving Check Avoider

Secret Power: Castling

Dirty Secret: Prefers Checkers

G.I.  Joe30th
G.I. JoePoints: 1108 Last Day: +13

A Real American Hero

Headquarters: The Pit

Nemesis: COBRA

The Fool31st
The FoolPoints: 1108 Last Day: +45

Occultist Everyman

Arcana: Major

Known For: Folly, Extravagance, Intoxication

Salman Rushdie32nd
Salman RushdiePoints: 1107 Last Day: +130

Controversial Essayist

Work in question: The Satanic Verses

Alias: Sal Bass

James Madison33rd
James MadisonPoints: 1106 Last Day: +93

4th U.S. President

Father of the Constitution

Blunder: War of 1812

Ernest Hemingway34th
Ernest HemingwayPoints: 1105 Last Day: -91

American Literary Icon

Nickname: Papa

Accusations: Misogyny, Anti-Semitism

Ickle Me35th
Ickle MePoints: 1105 Last Day: -44

The Captain

Conveyance: Flying Shoe

In-flight Meal: Mulligan Stew

Saint  Augustine36th
Saint AugustinePoints: 1104 Last Day: +32

Bishop of Hippo, Philosopher, Prolific Writer

Had a taste for pears and women

Named after a city in Florida, or vice versa

Yo-Yo Ma37th
Yo-Yo MaPoints: 1104 Last Day: +13

Renowned Cellist

Heritage: French/Chinese

Grammys: 15

The Elephant Man38th
The Elephant ManPoints: 1104 Last Day: +86

Victorian Pop Celebrity

Born Joseph Carey Merrick

Proves looks aren't everything

MichelangeloPoints: 1104 Last Day: -51

Renaissance Man

Finest opus: Sistine Chapel

Had a refined terribilita

Albert Einstein40th
Albert EinsteinPoints: 1101 Last Day: -34


Indispensible theory: Relativity

Regret: Atom bomb advocacy

Henry Hudson41st
Henry HudsonPoints: 1101 Last Day: +17

English Explorer

Ship: Half Moon

Claimed: Hudson Bay, Hudson River

Guglielmo Marconi42nd
Guglielmo MarconiPoints: 1101 Last Day: +71

Father of Radio

Year of invention: 1895

Political views: Fascist

ArchimedesPoints: 1099 Last Day: +29

Greek Mathematician


Notable invention: Archimedes' Screw

GodPoints: 1098 Last Day: +83

The Man Upstairs

Chairman of the Pearly Gates Condo Board

Smite 'em if you got 'em

Franklin Delano Roosevelt45th
Franklin Delano RooseveltPoints: 1098 Last Day: +39

32nd U.S. President

Terms: Four

The New Deal was neither new nor a deal. Discuss.

The Id46th
The IdPoints: 1097 Last Day: +8

Instinctual Psychic Apparatus

Gratification: Immediate

Manning the Helm: Most of the Time

James Polk47th
James PolkPoints: 1096 Last Day: +54

11th U.S. President

Party: Democratic

Campaign slogan: Fifty-Four Forty or Fight!

Captain John Smith48th
Captain John SmithPoints: 1096 Last Day: +22

Founder of Jamestown

Native Seduced: Pocahontas

Portrayed by: Colin Farrel

Vincent  van Gogh49th
Vincent van GoghPoints: 1096 Last Day: +84

Dutch Post-Impressionist Artist

Only painted for 11 years

Most famous work: Starry Night

Ulysses S. Grant50th
Ulysses S. GrantPoints: 1093 Last Day: +2

18th U.S. President

General-in-Chief Union Army

Esteemed and Conquered Foe: Robert E. Lee