Q. What is this ""

A. What is Well, in a word, is an ambitious, yet necessary, attempt to classify every man of stature in the history of the universe.

Q. Seems quite ambitious I do say. Surely there must be more than 1465 men of note in the history of all mankind.

A. But of course. We would be remiss to think that we alone could create the entire definitive index of male notoriety. That's why is fully interactive - allowing you to add your own role models to the database based on your definition of what makes a man.

Q. What exactly is a mancrush?

A. Good question. The Urban Dictionary defines a mancrush as "the highest level of attraction a man can have towards another man without having any sexual want towards that man." There you have it.

Q. How does it work?

A. Click the up and down arrows above and below the rank number to vote for or against each guy.

Q. Does contain both men of honor and men of infamy?

A. does not make any assumptions about the merits of the individuals on the site. Each man's reputation will be decided in the court of public opinion.

Q. What is the Mancrush Voting Policy?

A.'s voting policy is designed to preserve the integrity of the only ranked index of male notoriety in the history of recorded time. Presently, only one up vote may be cast for each individual man per hour per user. Only one down vote may be cast against each individual man per day per user.

Q. What's the little grey name next to each entry?

A. That little grey guy you see there displays the username of the person who submitted that entry. Entries marked "M.O.C" denote Mancrush Original Content.

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