Add Your Guy's Add Your Guy feature is designed to give you the ability to add your heroes and role models that aren't already on the list. Hold on - before you go to town, it?s imperative that you understand that this is not a power to be taken lightly. After all, with great power comes great responsibility.

In order to prevent any misuse of the Add Your Guy feature, the Mancrush Integrity Committee (MIC) has drafted what amounts to a user Bill of Rights, a set of instructions for how to properly operate the AYG machine. Without further ado, here they are, as presented by Ambrose Mannington, Mancrush Editor.

Guidelines for Adding Your Guy:

1) The guy has to be a man of stature. Real or fictional is immaterial, however the man should be transcendent and his accomplishments able to be appreciated by all mankind. Preferably he will have done something admirable, like hunted big game, shagged numerous female celebrities, or started a revolution.

2) Entries that are not properly capitalized or punctuated will automatically be euthanized. Mancrush interns endure a rigorous six-week training course in La Jolla, California, on this guideline alone.

3) All entries should adhere to my basic Manformula for good entry writing. This is as follows:

a. First line: Short description of the man. No hyperbole.

b. Second and Third lines: Interesting facts about the man, preferably constructed in a way that denigrates that man and is at least mildly humorous. It is only when humbled that these men will be able to reach their potential as worthy Mancrushes.

c. No continuing sentences from one line onto the next.

d. Use a good picture. White backgrounds work best. Poor and/or animated pictures will cause a man to be automatically euthanized.

4) To determine if your particular man is one worthy of a mancrush or a standard crush, I'd write down a list of his top 10 qualities. If "cute", "great smile", "family man" or "sooooo hot" made the list over "once killed a hyena barehanded" or "outdrank Andre the Giant", then you're mistaking your mancrush for a throwback schoolgirl crush.

That should do it! I look forward to carefully reviewing all of your entries.


Ambrose Mannington, Mancrush Editor

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