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Ask Ambrose  - 11/09/2007     

Adam (Manchester, NH): 
Hey Ambrose, what do you think of Jimmy Buffet’s rise into the top ten, flash in the pan or here to stay?

Ambrose Mannington: It’s tough to tell what to make of Buffet’s rise to prominence. He has all the tools to stay at this level but time will tell if his supporters have the consistency and concentration to keep him afloat.

Tom (Houston, TX): 
Ambrose, I can’t believe Jesus was out of the top 10 for an entire week! Cause for concern or just a down week?

Ambrose Mannington: Just a down week. Jesus has gone through rough patches before and always come out of it. His underlying stats are good too – it’s not so much a lapse in performance on his part as much as it is improvement on the part of others. Look for Jesus to rise again the coming weeks.

Greg (Westchester, PA): 
Ambrose, what do you think of recently added Francisco Franco? As despised as the other dictators, or will he fare a bit better?

Ambrose Mannington: I do think Franco will escape some of the harsher treatment that has been bestowed upon the other dictators, interestingly enough. Whether this is right or wrong is not for me to decide…the masses can be fickle.

Brian (Santa Barbara, CA): 
Who would you consider your greatest Asian mancrush?

Ambrose Mannington: I know a lot of people who say that conversation starts and ends with a one Ghengis Khan. The man revolutionized horseback warfare and could very well be the patriarch of a quarter of the entire eastern hemisphere. I’d like to throw a few more names out there though…Bruce Lee, Jason Scott Lee (for his portrayal of Bruce Lee in Dragon), Ryu from Street Fighter, that recently dethroned hot dog eating champion, and General Tsao for his tasty chicken recipe. Maybe Mr. Miyagi too...

Jimmy (Dirty Jerz): 
Isn’t it gay for one man to crush another man?

Ambrose Mannington: Only if he makes out with him afterwards.

Eric (Boston, MA): 
Who is your man du jour?

Ambrose Mannington: Dante from “Grandma’s Boy”.

Steve (Richmond, VA): 
Can you help me out with something? I am feeling a little conflicted. I have always considered Steve McQueen my #1 mancrush. But while watching “The Magnificent Seven”, I found myself crushing Yul Brynner over Steve. Would you consider this cheating on your mancrush?

Ambrose Mannington: I don't think having an affinity towards a character in a movie over your #1 particularly constitutes cheating. Some movie roles are inherently more badass than other roles. I think “The Magnificent Seven” is a great example of that. If you want vintage Steve, I’d take “Bullitt” or even “The Great Escape”. For the record though, Charlie Bronson was my mancrush of record in “The Magnificent Seven”.

Mike (Santa Monica, CA): 
Who is one man whose crushing has not received its due?

Ambrose Mannington: I'm not sure I understand your question, but if you’re asking who has never really become a mainstream mancrush that really has deserved it, I might have to say King Leonidas from “300”. Outside of the obviously chiseled physique and sculpted beard, it seemed like the man killed at least 500 Persians and led his men to take down something like half a million more. He even found time to nail his wife in slow motion in that movie. At press time he's at #345. I’m shocked.

Laura (UES, NYC): 
Is it okay for a girl to have a mancrush?

Ambrose Mannington: Absolutely. However it's a little more drawn out of a process to determine your real feelings towards your man of stature. To determine if your particular man is one worthy of a mancrush or a standard crush, I'd write down a list of his top 10 qualities. If “cute”, “great smile”, “family man” or “sooooo hot” made the list over “once killed a hyena barehanded” or “outdrank Andre the Giant”, then you're mistaking your mancrush for a throwback schoolgirl crush.

Paul (Dayton, OH): 
Who is the greatest mancrush that most people haven't yet heard of?

Ambrose Mannington: Off the top of my head, I'd say Grady Sizemore. Center fielder with the Cleveland Indians. Reminds all of his coaches and opponents of a throwback player from the 60's. He shows up to play hard every day and is considered by scouts as the most complete player in the MLB at just 25 years old. I'm getting goosebumps just writing about him.

Brad (Orinda, CA): 
Who is not in the Mancrush database that really should be?

Ambrose Mannington: This question could get dated very quickly, but I don’t think that Kelly Slater has been loaded into the database. I'd add him and maybe Mick Fanning. Also, I have been in the camp that says that Jaws (not Ron Jaworski) should be added to the site, despite the fact that technically she was a mother shark. I'll have to talk to the administration about their stance on animal crushes. This is actually a lot less black and white than people would think. The mancrush purists would argue that the crush in question would have to be a MAN in order to qualify for the site, but I know a lot of people who would consider Rafiki from the Lion King one of their top ten. Does the fact that he speaks and acts like a male human being automatically qualify him for the site? What about King Triton? Or even Homer Simpson?

Eric (Brooklyn, NYC): 
Ambrose, are you a man worthy of crushing?

Ambrose Mannington: Not until I sell this site to Google and buy an island off of Australia.

Cliff (New Haven, CT): 
Should I feel bad checking this site at work?

Ambrose Mannington: Probably.

Aubrey (Pacific Beach, CA): 
Give me one word to describe Jude Law.

Ambrose Mannington: I would but this is a family site. Let's just say it rhymes with wussy.

Eddy (Tallahassee, FL): 
Harrison Ford as Han Solo or Indiana Jones?

Ambrose Mannington: I'm partial to Dr. Jones. This was a character portrayed by both Harrison Ford AND River Phoenix, two mancrushes in their own respects.

Elizabeth (College Park, MD): 
What mancrush would you like to see come back into the mainstream?

Ambrose Mannington: I would love to see Christian Slater make a comeback. This guy was the king of cool in the early 90's. I really think his portrayal of George Kuffs in the movie “Kuffs” changed the way I would think about running a private security firm for my recently killed brother in San Francisco. Someone needs to fax his resume to Quentin Tarantino ASAP.


Ambrose Mannington: Time for the lightning round!

Brendan (Boston, MA): 
Rasputin or Allen Iverson?

Ambrose Mannington: Give me Iverson.

Sam (Burlington, VT): 
Mr. Peanut or Bill Murray?

Ambrose Mannington: One can't discount what Bill Murray's character of Carl Spackler in Caddyshack did for quotes among beer drinking dudes on the golf course. I'll take him in a landslide.

Racine (San Diego, CA): 
Ambrose, settle a bet I have with my buddies. Kevin Garnett would totally dominate Speed Racer in a featured bout.

Ambrose Mannington: I've gotten this question a lot. I agree Garnett has more clout presently with his status as one of the greatest basketball players of our generation, but you can't sell Speed Racer and his international appeal short. I'll take Garnett, but in 7 days.

Ted (St. Louis, MO): 
Ambrose, rank these three guys: Stonewall Jackson, Isaiah Thomas, Bernie Kosar

Ambrose Mannington: You would think I'd go Jackson, Kosar, Thomas on principle but you'd be wrong: Kosar, Jackson, Thomas in my opinion. Kosar is a huge darkhorse in this, people forget. What he meant to the Browns far exceeds the historical significance of Jackson and his influence on Robert E. Lee and all of American history. And Isaiah Thomas??? Spare me.


Ambrose Mannington: That's all the time I have today, catch you all next week!

That's all for today.

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