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Elite Longbowman John  Malkovich
The Ranking: 1 - 50
MichelangeloPoints: 1262 Last Day: +185

Renaissance Man

Finest opus: Sistine Chapel

Had a refined terribilita

Edward Jenner2nd
Edward JennerPoints: 1222 Last Day: +11

Pioneer of Immunization

Lives Saved: Innumerable

Principle Foe: Small Pox

Nikola  Tesla3rd
Nikola TeslaPoints: 1211 Last Day: +56

Serbian Inventor

Patron Saint of Modern Electricity

"The man who invented the twentieth century"

Santa Claus4th
Santa ClausPoints: 1204 Last Day: +195

Ol' St. Nick

List check frequency: 2x

Dark secrets: Child labor, voyeurism

The Owl5th
The OwlPoints: 1194 Last Day: +42

Elegant Fowl

Last Seen: Land of the Bong-Tree

Favorite Utensil: Runcible Spoon

Muhammad Ali6th
Muhammad AliPoints: 1189 Last Day: +140

The Greatest of All-Time

KOs: 37

Birth name: Cassius Clay

Alan  Alda7th
Alan AldaPoints: 1171 Last Day: +138

American Actor

Best known for playing Hawkeye Pierce on M*A*S*H

Author of Never Have Your Dog Stuffed

HippocratesPoints: 1159 Last Day: +124

The Father of Medicine

Founded the Hippocratic School of Medicine

Rejected the divine origin

ZeusPoints: 1157 Last Day: +46

King of the Gods

Favorite Weapon: Lightening Bolt

Favorite Hobby: Philanderering

Nelson Mandela10th
Nelson MandelaPoints: 1154 Last Day: +2

First elected leader of South Africa

Pre-Presidency prison term: 27 years

Also known as: Madiba

Leonardo da Vinci11th
Leonardo da VinciPoints: 1154 Last Day: +112

Renaissance Man

Notable work: Mona Lisa

Cleverly crafted: Shroud of Turin

GalileoPoints: 1152 Last Day: +46

Italian Astronomer

Best known as: Father of Science

Discredited: Geocentricity

Thomas Jefferson13th
Thomas JeffersonPoints: 1146 Last Day: +8

3rd U.S President

Dreams: Agrarian State

Best purchase: Louisiana

PlatoPoints: 1146 Last Day: +174

Ancient Greek Philosopher, Mathematician

Among Philosophical founders of Western Culture

Student of Socrates

Lucky  Jim15th
Lucky JimPoints: 1145 Last Day: +84

Everyman Hero

Skill: Funny Faces

Battles: Merrie England, Drink

  Francis of Assisi16th
Francis of AssisiPoints: 1143 Last Day: +48

Rebuilt the Church...without going to Home Depot

Stigmata. 'Nuf said.

Keeping it simple since 1209

G.I.  Joe17th
G.I. JoePoints: 1143 Last Day: +26

A Real American Hero

Headquarters: The Pit

Nemesis: COBRA

Vitruvian  Man18th
Vitruvian ManPoints: 1141 Last Day: +201

World renowned drawing by Leonardo da Vinci

Study of the proportions of the (male) human bod

On display at Gallerie dell Accademia in Venice

Mark  Twain19th
Mark TwainPoints: 1139 Last Day: +46

American Author

Real name: Samuel Clemens

Hobby: Writing banned books

Thomas  Aquinas20th
Thomas AquinasPoints: 1137 Last Day: +58

The Good Doctor

Life Work: Summa Theologica... all in Latin!

Name back at the monastery: The Dumb Ox

The Id21st
The IdPoints: 1137 Last Day: +34

Instinctual Psychic Apparatus

Gratification: Immediate

Manning the Helm: Most of the Time

The King22nd
The KingPoints: 1132 Last Day: +71

Slow Moving Check Avoider

Secret Power: Castling

Dirty Secret: Prefers Checkers

Saint  Augustine23rd
Saint AugustinePoints: 1128 Last Day: +42

Bishop of Hippo, Philosopher, Prolific Writer

Had a taste for pears and women

Named after a city in Florida, or vice versa

Mr Met24th
Mr MetPoints: 1127 Last Day: +256

Heady Metropolitans Mascot

Age: 43

Sexual preference: Ambiguous

F Scott Fitzgerald25th
F Scott FitzgeraldPoints: 1126 Last Day: +33


Noted alcholic

Seminal work: The Great Gatsby

John F Kennedy26th
John F KennedyPoints: 1125 Last Day: -33

35th U.S. President

Statesman and Playboy

Fiasco: Bay of Pigs

Dwight D Eisenhower27th
Dwight D EisenhowerPoints: 1121 Last Day: +16

34th U.S. President


Supreme Allied Commander

Richard P Feynman28th
Richard P FeynmanPoints: 1121 Last Day: +53

Curious Character

Nobel Prizes: 1

Location: Uncertain

Colossus of Rhodes29th
Colossus of RhodesPoints: 1118 Last Day: -66

Statuesque Wonder of the Ancient World

280 BC - 226 BC

Height: 70 Cubits

Salvador Dali30th
Salvador DaliPoints: 1118 Last Day: +68


Best known work: The Persistence of Memory

Birthplace: Figueres, Spain

Fyodor Dostoevsky31st
Fyodor DostoevskyPoints: 1115 Last Day: -41

Russian Writer

Vices: Gambling, booze

Seminal work: Crime and Punishment

Frank Lloyd Wright32nd
Frank Lloyd WrightPoints: 1115 Last Day: -19

Famed American Architecht

Notable work: Fallingwater

College: University of Wisconsin

Ben Franklin33rd
Ben FranklinPoints: 1114 Last Day: +10

Raconteur, Statesman, Horndog

Diplomat to: France

Kite discovery: Electricity

Uncle  Sam34th
Uncle SamPoints: 1112 Last Day: -5

Personification of the U.S.A

Wants YOU to join the U.S. Army

Is actually Canadian

John  Tyler35th
John TylerPoints: 1110 Last Day: +30

10th U.S. President

Nickname: His Accidency

Notable accomplishment: Annexation of Texas

Ulysses S. Grant36th
Ulysses S. GrantPoints: 1107 Last Day: +28

18th U.S. President

General-in-Chief Union Army

Esteemed and Conquered Foe: Robert E. Lee

QuasimodoPoints: 1106 Last Day: +226

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Enjoys: Bell ringing, not hearing

Should probably see a chiropractor

CaravaggioPoints: 1105 Last Day: +79

Italian Artist circa 1600

Style: Baroque

Masterpiece: The Cardsharps

Jesus Christ39th
Jesus ChristPoints: 1105 Last Day: +59

Our Lord and Savior

Miracles: 12,875 and counting


Ernest Hemingway40th
Ernest HemingwayPoints: 1105 Last Day: +91

American Literary Icon

Nickname: Papa

Accusations: Misogyny, Anti-Semitism

Geoffrey  Chaucer41st
Geoffrey ChaucerPoints: 1102 Last Day: -3

The Father of English Literature

Traveled with people of dubious moral character

Hobby: Giving baths to wives

OvidPoints: 1101 Last Day: -35

Roman Poet

Full name: Publius Ovidius Naso

Dactylic hexameric work: Metamorphoses

Classic Lego Spaceman43rd
Classic Lego SpacemanPoints: 1099 Last Day: +40

Lunar Scout Pilot

Father: Ole Kirk Christiansen

Smile: Eternal

John Quincy Adams44th
John Quincy AdamsPoints: 1098 Last Day: -8

6th U.S. President

Formulated the Monroe Doctrine

Molded Henry Clay into his Secretary of State

GodPoints: 1098 Last Day: -15

The Man Upstairs

Chairman of the Pearly Gates Condo Board

Smite 'em if you got 'em

Alexander the Great46th
Alexander the GreatPoints: 1097 Last Day: +38

Macedonian Conqueror

Reign: 336-326 BC

Ways swung: Both

OsirisPoints: 1095 Last Day: -23

Lord of the Dead and Rebirth

Wrap: Mummy

Accessories: Crook and Flail

Harry Truman48th
Harry TrumanPoints: 1095 Last Day: +92

33rd U.S. President

"The buck stops here"

Nuclear attacks authorized: 2

Cabeza de Vaca49th
Cabeza de VacaPoints: 1090 Last Day: +40

Spanish New World Explorer

Swath scoured: Southwest

Literal translation: Cow's head

SocratesPoints: 1089 Last Day: +44

Ancient Greek Philosopher

Found guilty of corrupting the youth of Athens

Sentenced to death by drinking Hemlock