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Enrico Palazzo Dwight D Eisenhower
The Ranking: 1 - 50
Nelson Mandela1st
Nelson MandelaPoints: 1211 Last Day: -1

First elected leader of South Africa

Pre-Presidency prison term: 27 years

Also known as: Madiba

Colossus of Rhodes2nd
Colossus of RhodesPoints: 1205 Last Day: +50

Statuesque Wonder of the Ancient World

280 BC - 226 BC

Height: 70 Cubits

Vitruvian  Man3rd
Vitruvian ManPoints: 1202 Last Day: +174

World renowned drawing by Leonardo da Vinci

Study of the proportions of the (male) human bod

On display at Gallerie dell Accademia in Venice

John James Audubon4th
John James AudubonPoints: 1182 Last Day: +87

American Naturalist, Painter

Catalogued and painted the birds of North America

Rejected in America, made his big break in England

John  Adams5th
John AdamsPoints: 1178 Last Day: +140

2nd U.S. President

Self-loathing Federalist

The Colossus of Independence

Richard P Feynman6th
Richard P FeynmanPoints: 1177 Last Day: +87

Curious Character

Nobel Prizes: 1

Location: Uncertain

Captain John Smith7th
Captain John SmithPoints: 1169 Last Day: +96

Founder of Jamestown

Native Seduced: Pocahontas

Portrayed by: Colin Farrel

Sitting Bull8th
Sitting BullPoints: 1163 Last Day: +162

Lakota Sioux Leader

Routed: General Custer

Buried at: Fort Yates

MichelangeloPoints: 1162 Last Day: +103

Renaissance Man

Finest opus: Sistine Chapel

Had a refined terribilita

Nikola  Tesla10th
Nikola TeslaPoints: 1162 Last Day: +80

Serbian Inventor

Patron Saint of Modern Electricity

"The man who invented the twentieth century"

Vincent  van Gogh11th
Vincent van GoghPoints: 1149 Last Day: +52

Dutch Post-Impressionist Artist

Only painted for 11 years

Most famous work: Starry Night

Muhammad Ali12th
Muhammad AliPoints: 1146 Last Day: +114

The Greatest of All-Time

KOs: 37

Birth name: Cassius Clay

Richard M. Nixon13th
Richard M. NixonPoints: 1139 Last Day: +73

37th U.S. President

Only President to resign from office

Brought down by the Watergate scandal

John F Kennedy14th
John F KennedyPoints: 1138 Last Day: -1

35th U.S. President

Statesman and Playboy

Fiasco: Bay of Pigs

Saint  Patrick15th
Saint PatrickPoints: 1137 Last Day: +107

Christian Missionary

Patron Saint of Ireland and Nigeria

Drafter of Ireland's Zero Tolerance Snake Law

ZeusPoints: 1129 Last Day: +41

King of the Gods

Favorite Weapon: Lightening Bolt

Favorite Hobby: Philanderering

PlatoPoints: 1127 Last Day: +65

Ancient Greek Philosopher, Mathematician

Among Philosophical founders of Western Culture

Student of Socrates

William Butler Yeats18th
William Butler YeatsPoints: 1124 Last Day: +96

Twentieth Century Poet

Penchant for the occult. Lovely tower property.

"But one man loved the pilgrim soul in you."

Saint  Augustine19th
Saint AugustinePoints: 1122 Last Day: +36

Bishop of Hippo, Philosopher, Prolific Writer

Had a taste for pears and women

Named after a city in Florida, or vice versa

Louis Pasteur20th
Louis PasteurPoints: 1120 Last Day: +2


First vaccine: Rabies

Favorite drink: Milk

Old  Ironsides21st
Old IronsidesPoints: 1117 Last Day: +72

The USS Constitution

Oldest commissioned ship still in service

Born: Boston, MA - 22 July 1798

Vasco da Gama22nd
Vasco da GamaPoints: 1116 Last Day: +114

Portuguese Navigator

Route chartered: Europe to India

Craft: Sao Gabriel

Mr. Toad23rd
Mr. ToadPoints: 1115 Last Day: -58

Anthropomorphic Common Toad

Eponymous Adventure: Mr. Toad's Wild Ride

Residence: Toad Hall

Guglielmo Marconi24th
Guglielmo MarconiPoints: 1114 Last Day: +49

Father of Radio

Year of invention: 1895

Political views: Fascist

The  Old Man of the Mountain25th
The Old Man of the MountainPoints: 1110 Last Day: +83

Naturally-Chiseled Granite Visage

Location: The Granite State

R.I.P. May 3, 2003

Mark  Twain26th
Mark TwainPoints: 1105 Last Day: +30

American Author

Real name: Samuel Clemens

Hobby: Writing banned books

Fyodor Dostoevsky27th
Fyodor DostoevskyPoints: 1104 Last Day: +9

Russian Writer

Vices: Gambling, booze

Seminal work: Crime and Punishment

Edward Jenner28th
Edward JennerPoints: 1104 Last Day: -10

Pioneer of Immunization

Lives Saved: Innumerable

Principle Foe: Small Pox

NostradamusPoints: 1104 Last Day: +11


Quatrains: 941

Prophecies: WWII, 9/11

Charles Lindbergh, Jr30th
Charles Lindbergh, JrPoints: 1103 Last Day: +91

Transatlantic Aviator

Nickname: Lucky Lindy

Dark Secret: Nazi sympathies

George Washington31st
George WashingtonPoints: 1103 Last Day: -26

1st President of the United States

War inadvertantly started: French & Indian

War inadvertantly won: American Revolution

GalileoPoints: 1101 Last Day: -13

Italian Astronomer

Best known as: Father of Science

Discredited: Geocentricity

James  Monroe33rd
James MonroePoints: 1101 Last Day: -39

5th U.S. President

Oversaw the Era of Good Feelings

Passed the Missouri Compromise

Martin  Van Buren34th
Martin Van BurenPoints: 1101 Last Day: +73

8th U.S. President

Nickname: Old Kinderhook

Only President with English as his second language

The Fool35th
The FoolPoints: 1099 Last Day: +80

Occultist Everyman

Arcana: Major

Known For: Folly, Extravagance, Intoxication

Bill Murray36th
Bill MurrayPoints: 1098 Last Day: -34

American Actor

Seminal Work: Osmosis Jones

Ghostbusters 3: In the works?

  Francis of Assisi37th
Francis of AssisiPoints: 1096 Last Day: -25

Rebuilt the Church...without going to Home Depot

Stigmata. 'Nuf said.

Keeping it simple since 1209

Alexander Hamilton38th
Alexander HamiltonPoints: 1096 Last Day: +69

First U.S. Secretary of the Treasury

Advocated: Assumption of State debts

Outdueled by: Aaron Burr

Ickle Me39th
Ickle MePoints: 1094 Last Day: +14

The Captain

Conveyance: Flying Shoe

In-flight Meal: Mulligan Stew

David  Livingstone40th
David LivingstonePoints: 1092 Last Day: -4

Scottish Missionary and Explorer

First European to Victoria Falls

Dr. Livingstone, I presume?

Grocer Cat41st
Grocer CatPoints: 1091 Last Day: +53

Feline Shopkeeper

Home: Busytown

Progeny: Huckle Cat

OsirisPoints: 1091 Last Day: -55

Lord of the Dead and Rebirth

Wrap: Mummy

Accessories: Crook and Flail

OvidPoints: 1091 Last Day: -8

Roman Poet

Full name: Publius Ovidius Naso

Dactylic hexameric work: Metamorphoses

Teddy Roosevelt44th
Teddy RooseveltPoints: 1089 Last Day: +19

26th U.S. President

Cavalry regiment: Rough Riders

Trusts busted: Countless

Spider-ManPoints: 1089 Last Day: +57

Arachnidian Superhero

Spider-sense: Acute

Real name: Peter Parker

Geoffrey  Chaucer46th
Geoffrey ChaucerPoints: 1088 Last Day: +1

The Father of English Literature

Traveled with people of dubious moral character

Hobby: Giving baths to wives

James Madison47th
James MadisonPoints: 1087 Last Day: -7

4th U.S. President

Father of the Constitution

Blunder: War of 1812

BigfootPoints: 1086 Last Day: +82

Mythical Ape-Man

Also known as: Sasquatch

Cousin: Yetti

James Cook49th
James CookPoints: 1086 Last Day: -85

Fearless British Explorer

Key discovery: Australia

Killed during: Hawaiian melee

Thomas Jefferson50th
Thomas JeffersonPoints: 1086 Last Day: +28

3rd U.S President

Dreams: Agrarian State

Best purchase: Louisiana