When the Siren Calls

by Tom Barry

In Brief

When married Isobel is rescued by a handsome entrepreneur in a Moroccan souk, she becomes drawn into more than just his questionable Italian property development. Jay is a charmingly manipulative lover, with plenty of secrets to hide. A story of marital infidelity, mystery and intrigue set in the beautiful landscapes of rural Tuscany, Tom Barry's debut novel features a cast of misbehaving characters and a multi-layered plot studded with plenty of passionate sex.

Why you should read it

Characterised as ‘Lady Chatterley’s lover meets Fifty Shades of Grey’, this is a novel tailor-made for readers of romantic fiction and perfect for a spot of literary indulgence. A well-paced page-turner in a stunning setting, ‘When The Siren Calls’ will keep you entertained and enmeshed in the dramatic lives of its characters right up until the closing page.

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