The Line of Beauty

by Alan Hollinghurst

In Brief

A young gay Oxford graduate arrives in London in the summer of 1983, just as Margaret Thatcher is re-elected for a second term as prime minister. Introduced both to the privileged world of the Tory politician with whom he lodges and the London gay scene, Nick appears on track in his quest for artistic beauty and sexual fulfilment. But in a world of greed and dishonesty, marital infidelity, cocaine-fuelled sexual encounters and a deepening AIDS crisis, his progress through the Thatcher decade turns out to be anything but smooth.

Why you should read it

A witty, satirical take on life in the glamorous political and financial arenas of Thatcher's Britain, and an exposé of the cultural vacuum which often lies at the heart of conspicuous wealth, Hollinghurst's Booker Prize winner is also a truly poignant reminder of the shocking personal tragedies that followed the arrival of AIDS in Britain.

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