The Eyre Affair

by Jasper Fforde

In Brief

The Crimean War is in its 131st year, and dodos have become popular pets. Meanwhile the life of Thursday Next, Literary Detective, is turned upside down by her supremely evil nemesis, Acheron Hades, who has found a way to get inside books. Diving into the original manuscripts of much-loved classics, he is able to kidnap and murder the characters we’ve been reading about for centuries – changing every copy of the book in the world. Innocent and bewildered heroines like Jane Eyre are at his mercy; readers in the real world are devastated as storylines run amok or disappear altogether. Only Thursday can stop Hades’ campaign of literary destruction and save Jane and Mr Rochester from his villainy.

Why you should read it

The Eyre Affair combines fantasy, adventure, satire and suspense, throws reality out the window, and stretches the imagination in every conceivable direction. If you’ve ever chuckled over Terry’s Pratchett’s Discworld novels, or wished that Douglas Adams had written more Dirk Gently books, you’re going to be thrilled to meet Thursday Next. This leather-jacketed, rule-bending heroine will make you see the literary classics in a whole new light, introduce you to the people behind the star-studded character lists, and have you biting your nails as she fights for all that’s good and familiar against monstrous bad-guys (one corporate, one supernatural, both very nasty indeed).