Nights at the Circus

by Angela Carter

In Brief

'Is she fact or is she fiction?' London in 1899 is in the grip of 'Fevvermania', thrilled by the winged aerialiste performing nightly at the Alhambra. When journalist Jack Walser arranges an interview to discover the truth behind Fevvers, he finds himself drawn into a colourful, carnival world where anything is possible. Following Fevvers to Petersburg and beyond in Colonel Kearney's circus, he encounters dancing tigers, educated apes, shamans and outlaws in a vivid, fantastic journey across Russia.

Why you should read it

Angela Carter is one of the leading writers of the 20th century, a mistress of literary and feminist writing and of magical realism. 'Nights at the Circus' is her tour de force, and in Fevvers she creates an unforgettable heroine, brash, bright and irreverent. She is joined by a troupe of compelling companions, and as their stories unfold - some funny, some tragic - the reader becomes fully immersed in the whirling world of the circus.

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