by Roald Dahl

In Brief

Stifled by her narrow, selfish and TV-addicted parents, five-year-old Matilda escapes into a world of her own imagination. But Matilda's parents are the least of her worries. With the violent headmistress Miss Trunchbull on the rampage, it can only be a matter time before someone at school gets seriously hurt. Matilda may be brave enough to stand up to her, but it will take every ounce of her special talents and a very cunning plan...

Why you should read it

For a cracking story that will surprise and delight readers of any age, for a list of recommendations of great classic books to tuck into, and for Roald Dahl's quirky, irreverent humour at its blithering best, fall in love with adorable Matilda - for the first time, or all over again!

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