Lorna Doone

by R.D. Blackmore

In Brief

When John Ridd is twelve years old, his father is murdered by the lawless Doone clan. The high-born Doones terrorize Exmoor, robbing, kidnapping or killing all who cross their path. Years later, as an honest and upstanding young farmer, John falls in love with Lorna, the beautiful granddaughter of the Doone chief. He risks his life time and again, venturing into the Doones’ fortress valley to court her. But larger events are unfolding in 17th century England, and it is not only the outlaw clan that threatens the lovers’ hopes and dreams.

Why you should read it

Lorna Doone is a tale of high adventure and heady romance, which plays out against a backdrop of political intrigue and insurrection. The history of the period is intricately woven into the novel, bringing authenticity to this West Country Romeo and Juliet. The stench of villainy emanating from Doone Valley is rarely bettered in fiction.

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