by Gloria Anzaldúa

In Brief

The first work of its kind, and still in a class of its own, this unforgettable memoir melds scholarship, poetry and passionate prose to illuminate the intersections of culture and personal experience. Seven brilliant essays—written in three kinds of English and five kinds of Spanish—immerse the reader in complex, disturbing domains of ambiguity, as Anzaldúa explores history, geography, politics, sexuality, spirituality, and creative life.

Why you should read it

First, you will meet an extraordinary woman, whose intellectual depth is matched by her personal courage. Second, you will have a new experience of language, and a new understanding of its power. Third, you will never see the world in the same way again. Anzaldúa weaves visceral imagery with compelling interpretation to open a new level of dialogue around our most challenging social issues. Borderlands is a profound, often shocking political meditation, and an unexpectedly intimate voyage to the heart of artistic vision.

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