Any Human Heart

by William Boyd

In Brief

Logan Mountstuart is a writer. He is a traveller, a lover, a husband, a mourner, a friend, an art-dealer and a war veteran. But most of all he is a man meandering through the maze of life in the 20th century. Literary and artistic geniuses met along the way reflect the exciting period in which he lived. But they are set against the very ordinary aspects of life, with its highs and inevitable lows. Logan lives, loves and loses... and shares it all with his journal.

Why you should read it

The journals of Logan Mountstuart offer an exciting insight into literary London at a crucial time. Boyd mixes fiction with fact superbly, allowing the reader to learn more about art, about literature, about politics, about love and, of course, the human heart. Join Logan on his entertaining but poignant roller coaster ride through the 20th century, and immerse yourself in the wonderful world of our recent cultural history.

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