A warm welcome to authors and publishers


Through illustrating and exploring the world's best fiction and non-fiction, Book Drum's goal is to encourage more people to read better books.  Our interactive, multi-media approach appeals particularly to younger people whom publishers may struggle to reach.  We hope that providing the visual and audio context to books will introduce a whole new section of the population to reading for pleasure.  It may also help the rest of us understand and enjoy difficult or inaccessible texts rather more easily.

We welcome authors who wish to create profiles for their own books.  Authors can upload photographs, footnotes, a recommended soundtrack, videos, maps, games... just about anything digital in fact.  Book Drum's straightforward and easily mastered interface is available free for all published authors to use as creatively as they wish, for both backlist and future books.  Alternatively, Book Drum can commission profiles from some of our best Contributors on behalf of authors and publishers: contact editor@bookdrum.com.


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